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Obama's Pragmatism
I think I’m beginning to understand Barack Obama’s concept of pragmatism better. Pragmatism is the name of a school of philosophy. The major point to understand is that, in the pragmatic view, we have to continue working hard at “business as usual,” regardless of what we believe is ethically right or wrong. As I understand it, Obama’s current philosophically-inspired position is that economic success is the major gauge of his leadership, simply because that is the way everything works in our civilization. Many aspects of our system are repugnant, probably as much to Obama as to some of those reading this, but according to his pragmatism we can’t get away from things as they are.

Obama’s is a deeply thought out attitude and not the same as a policy of continuous expediency. He demands that we throw ourselves into the world as we find it. I think he would say that any other attitude amounts to shirking our (his) responsibility to run the country for the good of everyone, including the good of people we detest.

This attitude can be compared with the one advanced by Victor Frankl in his book Man’s Search for Meaning. Frankl survived life in Auschwitz while following similar principles. I recommend Frankl’s moving and disturbing book without reservation to anyone who would try to see human beings as we are, inextricably connected to the world around us. In some ways the philosophy of Frankl is the antithesis of the agonized lament, heard in Jean-Paul Sartre’s play No Exit, that “Hell is other people.”

I’m not sure I can entirely accept either Obama’s pragmatism or Frankl’s grim determination to follow the road on which we find ourselves. Nevertheless I believe these are ideas that we need to take seriously, particularly in light of the current president’s apparently deep commitment to principles such as I am awkwardly trying to characterize here.

If Obama succeeds in getting himself voted in for another term, it will be interesting to find out what he does with his second four years. He may not change his policies, but I’m hoping he will start to explain, in much greater depth, the decisions he is making and the logic he follows in making them.

—Ralph    |   |

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Cached Oct 8, 2015, 5:42 pm (all times Eastern US)
Reuters News
Captain of ill-fated ship El Faro
was known as trusted mariner

Armenia to vote on curbing
president, boosting PM on December 6

U.S. documents show Pinochet ordered
Letelier's murder: Chilean senator

Connecticut top court rejects bid
to reconsider death penalty ban

Republicans in chaos as favorite
quits House leadership race

Obama nominates six lawyers
to serve as U.S. Attorneys

California oversight of oil well
injection sites inadequate: state review

Fed awaiting evidence global
chill not knocking U.S. off track

Louisiana chef Prudhomme, who helped
popularize Cajun food, dies at 75

New York board says officer used
excessive force to arrest ex-tennis star

New York City to offer low-cost
healthcare to uninsured immigrants

Pope Francis, anti-nuclear activists
among Nobel Peace Prize contenders

FBI says it disrupted activities
of dozens of potential IS recruits

Former head of Chicago schools will
plead guilty in bribery scheme: lawyer

U.S. court says yoga sequence
cannot be copyrighted

Guinea president says
weekend election to proceed

EU gets tough on expelling
migrants, talks to neighbors

Ancient Ethiopian man's genome
illuminates ancestry of Africans

No place left to die on Greece's
Lesbos for refugees lost at sea

World soccer rocked by suspension
of Blatter and Platini

Volkswagen's U.S. chief blames
emissions scandal on 'individuals'

France train attack hero
Stone stabbed in California

Europe needs better relations
with Russia: Juncker

Clinton proposal calls for breakup
of 'too-big-to-fail' banks

Explosion hurts workers at Williams
natgas facility in Louisiana

Bill Gross sues Pimco for $200
million over forced ouster

NASA Mars rover finds clear evidence
for ancient, long-lived lakes

Mayor of Rome resigns
over expenses scandal

Netflix hikes rate for
most popular plan by $1.00

No quick fix for latest 'wave
of terror': Israel's Netanyahu

Oklahoma used wrong drug in January
execution: newspaper report

Guatemala landslide death toll
tops 220; another 350 missing

Belarus' veteran leader poised for
re-election, eyes better ties with West

Clinton proposes breaking up too-big
banks, monitoring shadow-banking system

Former President Carter's
home-building trip to Nepal canceled

Flood-weary residents find food,
refuge at South Carolina shelter

Volkswagen's U.S. boss blames
'individuals' for cheating

Beirut protest turns violent,
politicians postpone talks

Party swapping all the rage among
fickle Italian parliamentarians

Afghan agents shoot two would-be
suicide bombers in Kabul

Brazil courts boost impeachment push,
but Rousseff's ouster still distant

Bryant University basketball coach
comes out as gay in first-person essay

U.S., NATO signal willingness
to slow Afghan drawdown

White House says hopeful Congress will
take responsible action on U.S. debt limit

U.N. to audit its dealings with
entities tied to alleged bribe scheme

Clinton envisions 'risk fee'
on big financial institutions

South Sudan's warring sides violated
ceasefire over 50 times: monitors

McCarthy drops out of race for
House speaker, election postponed

U.N. council due to vote Friday
on EU migrant mission off Libya

Flint will return to Detroit
water system due to lead concerns

Taliban leadership issues likely to
delay Afghan peace talks: U.S. commander

Belarussian writer wins Nobel prize,
denounces Russia over Ukraine

Mortar attacks kill
27 in Iraq: police

Lebanese police fire water
cannon at protesters

Man hailed as hero in Oregon
college shooting leaves hospital

Afghan medical NGOs faced growing
danger long before MSF hospital tragedy

Suspect in custody after crash
at Maryland's Fort Meade: police

Russian cruise missile strikes
fired without advanced notice: U.S.

Three bridegrooms among 25 killed
in Yemen rocket strike: residents

Protesters scuffle with police
in Iraq's Kurdistan region

Republicans prepare to nominate
candidate for House speaker

Donald Trump takes Scottish
windfarm fight to UK's top court

U.S. asks NATO allies for
flexibility in Afghan drawdown plans

Islamic State overtakes al Qaeda as leader
of extremist movement: U.S. official

Meal delivery start-up Munchery
hires former Starbucks executive

Pro-Kurdish party hopeful of PKK
ceasefire as Turkish election nears

Hungary hopes to decide Croatian
border closure in a week

Atlas rocket blasts off with U.S. spy
satellite and 13 mini: satellites

Hackers in China, South Korea,
Germany targeted Clinton's server: AP

U.S. mulls sailing near disputed South
China Sea islands: Pentagon official

Indiana University suspends fraternity
over suspected sexual hazing

German prosecutors raid
Volkswagen offices

Stabbing attacks reach
Israel's commercial capital

India's Modi breaks silence, calls
for peace after violence over beef

Alexievich, chronicler of Soviet
life, wins Literature Nobel

EU agrees to get
tough on deportations

U.S. records on Chile 1976 assassination
in Washington to be published

Jobless claims fall
to near a 42-year low

North Korean capital shows flashes of
prosperity amid country's isolation

Israel says Facebook, YouTube videos
encouraging Palestinian attacks

Police search for suspect who crashed
stolen car at Fort Meade gate

Arrest, advertisements spotlight
Pakistan army detentions

Turkey urges NATO to keep
up its Patriot defenses

Failure to pay soldiers threatens
Somalia?s war on Islamists

Yemeni president dismisses
Houthi concessions as 'maneuver'

Kosovo lawmaker fills parliament
with smoke to protest Serbia deal

Aid group MSF to review work in
Afghanistan after air strike

ICC prosecutor plans probe
into 2008 Georgia-Russia war

Belarussian Svetlana Alexievich
wins Nobel Prize for Literature

Malaysia court upholds ban on cross
dressing by transgender Muslims

U.S. chief knew Volkswagen could be
breaking emissions rules 18 months ago

Device thrown in Kosovo parliament,
filling chamber with smoke

Rwanda's top court clears
way for Kagame third term

California commission to vote on
SeaWorld's orca tank expansion

Syria extends major offensive
to retake territory in west

France's far-right party targets
Muslim vote in Paris region

Turkey bans TV channels close
to Erdogan foe ahead of polls

Exclusive: Uber checks connections
between hacker and Lyft

'Czar Putin': as
secure as he seems?

Syrian troops, Russian jets
launch attack in Ghab Plain

NATO may need to stay longer
in Afghanistan, Germany says

New Japan cabinet minister seeks
to stem shrinking population

Bob Dylan and the supremes -
Ginsburg and Scalia, that is

Merkel slams east Europeans on
refugees in private talk: Politico

At least thirteen Yemenis killed
by rocket attack at wedding

Lew rules out letting Congress extract
'unacceptable' policies to lift U.S. debt limit

Exclusive: In lawsuit over hacking, Uber probes
IP address assigned to Lyft exec: sources

NATO chief says prepared to
send troops to defend Turkey

Netanyahu moves to lower tensions
over Jerusalem holy site

At least ten Yemeni civilians
killed in Dhamar province home

Islamic State kills three Assyrian
Christian captives: activists

Talks between Lebanese political
rivals postponed on final day

Austrian chancellor casts doubt
on EU migrant 'hotspot' plans

Former Italian missionary
kidnapped in southern Philippines

Talks on U.S. defence grants to Israel
may resume next month: Obama aide

NATO ready to defend Turkey, send
troops if needed: Stoltenberg

Fiat Chrysler, U.S. union UAW
reach tentative agreement

American charged in 1997 South
Korea murder pleads not guilty

Indonesia asks four countries
for help to fight fires

China's graft watchdog investigates
former Sinopec chairman

Exclusive: Congress probing U.S. spy
agencies' possible lapses on Russia

VW's U.S. recall could be thwarted
by reluctant diesel owners

Massive California wildfire that killed 4
fully contained: fire officials

UAW reaches tentative deal with
Fiat Chrysler on new contract

FBI digs up $600,000 from California
yard of former armored truck driver

U.S. Army Chief backs bigger role
for military in defense acquisitions

NHC says Joaquin weakens
to post-tropical cyclone

U.S. says ready to defend against
North Korean nuclear threat

Mexican soldiers should be questioned
by expert panel: U.N. official

Native Americans protest 'Maze
Runner' actor's comments

Clinton to detail sweeping
plan to rein in Wall Street

Brazil's president loses legal
battle, faces impeachment threat

Media savvy Islamic State grave
concern for U.S. at home: admiral

Pretty photos, small companies:
how the White House is selling TPP

Search ends for survivors of
hurricane-hit U.S. cargo ship

Asia follows Wall Street gains,
brace for return of China markets

Brazil court rules against
Rousseff, opens way for impeachment

Three arrested in California erotic
massage teacher's fatal shooting

House conservative group backs
Webster, complicates Speaker race

Clinton's Wall Street reform plan
has tax on high-frequency trading

Smaller U.S. businesses fear
freeze from EU privacy ruling

Journalist found guilty for
aiding computer hackers

Illinois budget impasse sinks
rating on Chicago bonds

Merkel says still against
Turkey joining the EU

Clinton opposes new Pacific
trade pact in break with Obama

Greek government wins confidence
vote before first bailout review

Oregon gunman slipped into
isolation after California move

Merkel puts ally in charge of
refugee crisis as support wanes

Black bear wounds Idaho man in
latest attack in Northern Rockies

Nobel discoveries on DNA repair
now fueling cancer drug research

EU talks tough on deportations
amid flood of Syrian refugees

Arkansas death row inmates ask
judge to keep hiatus on executions

Indonesia's small firms struggle,
dealing economy another blow

Greek PM says first bailout review
must be concluded within November

S&P 500 reaches three-week
high as health stocks rally

Kentucky university closed for rest
of week due to graffiti death threat

U.S. recommends transfer of
Afghan prisoner out of Guantanamo

DuPont found liable in first trial
over Teflon-making chemical C-8

China turns firepower to soft power
to try to win tiny Taiwan-held island

Coast Guard ends search for
missing U.S. cargo ship's crew

Blatter faces 90-day suspension
from FIFA, confidant says

'Last bucket' hailed at NY Hudson
Yards project's first building

In search of Iowa momentum, Bush
courts the anti-Washington crowd

El Niño brings welcome rains to
Chile's farmers, ski resorts

Republicans defend House Benghazi
panel; Democrat seeks review

California governor signs renewable
electricity bill into law

Portugal's Communists would back
government led by Socialists

White House issues veto threat
for House oil export bill

Clinton says she does not
support new Pacific trade pact

Obama praises unions, workers'
rights at White House Summit

At least 17 dead as flooding
threat persists in South Carolina

Maine man to plead guilty to murdering
stranger in grocery store: lawyer

Good feelings toward Catholic Church
up in U.S. since pope's visit: poll

Baltimore mayor likens police-community
relations to struggling marriage

Obama apologizes for Kunduz attack,
MSF demands independent probe

MIT to offer first free
online for-credit classes

Fantasy sports companies
ban employees from gaming

Pennsylvania city must pay $1.4 million
legal fees in immigration fight

Senate approves defense
bill despite veto threat

Portugal Communist party says ready
to back Socialist-led government

Argentina says fugitive spy chief
flew to U.S. after prosecutor's death

New York's MTA must run 'Muslim'
movie posters in subways: judge

Brazil's Rousseff suffers
new setback over austerity

Less than half of Ivorian candidates
sign election code of conduct

Brazil Supreme Court rejects Rousseff
government bid to delay accounts ruling

Brain trauma widespread among high
school football players, researchers say

MSF demands independent probe of
Afghan attack; Obama apologizes

Private palaces: Russia
moves to hide property data

Wyoming marks first known rabies
fatality with death of woman, 77

Oregon police struck college gunman
with one bullet before his suicide

Massachusetts teen may use mental
defense in murder trial: judge

Obama apologizes to MSF for air
strike on hospital: White House

Ex-Dewey & LeBoeuf executives found
not guilty of some counts in N.Y.

U.S.-led coalition aircraft re-routed
to avoid Russians: Pentagon

Netanyahu cancels German visit as
violence spreads across Israel

Ukraine says four soldiers wounded
in rebel attack despite truce

South Carolina death toll rises
to 16 as floodwaters persist

Merkel, Hollande plead for
unity in face of EU crises

U.N. chief hails U.S. plan to
release thousands of prisoners

Putin marks 63rd birthday with ice
hockey match, Syria war briefing

Oregon police fired three
times at college gunman

Ruffling the feathers: scientists
formulate bird family tree

McCarthy seen short of full
majority in House speaker race

Citadel's Kenneth Griffin
settles divorce case

Pumpkin crop hit by soggy June -
will affect holiday pies

Jurors in N.Y. acquit ex-Dewey &
LeBoeuf execs of some criminal counts

Oregon police to provide
details on shootout at college

Supreme Court tackles 'Wichita
Massacre' death penalty case

EU to step up deportations
of economic migrants

Jurors in Dewey & LeBoeuf criminal
trial to render partial verdict

Texas appeals court to weigh
felony charge against Rick Perry

Stock indexes turn lower on
earnings outlook; oil dips

In Cuba, U.S. commerce secretary
promotes private sector

Rights watchdog says second young
Shi'ite faces beheading in Saudi

Kurds say blood tests show Islamic
State used mustard gas in Iraq

Crash kills two, injures three
in Wisconsin police chase

Germany's Merkel warns EU against
migrant crisis nationalism

Volkswagen plays down hopes of quick
answers over emissions cheating

Joaquin now a tropical storm,
to weaken further: forecaster

Michigan woman pleads guilty to
murder of newborn sealed in plastic

Israeli team signs first launch
deal in Google moon race

German asylum applications up 126
percent to 43,071 in September

Suicide bombers kill 17 in Damaturu
city in northeastern Nigeria

Furious but powerless, Turkey left
smarting by Russian action in Syria

Russian strikes put Syrian
rebel enclave in firing line

Yemen's Houthis, Saleh's party
accept U.N. peace terms, eye talks

No agreements yet on plan to deal
with U.S. debt limit: Boehner

MSF seeks independent inquiry into
U.S. attack on Afghan hospital

Hopes of survival fade for missing
U.S. ship crew as search goes on

Hollande warns of total war if
MidEast conflict not solved

SABMiller rejects AB InBev's
$104 billion takeover approach

Half of Czechs oppose taking
in war refugees: survey

Massachusetts teen accused of murdering
popular teacher to face trial

Head of House Benghazi panel
says McCarthy 'screwed up'

Hillary Clinton's support tumbles in
California as Sanders surges: Field Poll

Draft Biden launches first
ad in 2016 presidential race

French prosecutor seeks suspended
jail term for long-time Sarkozy aide

Turkish military says Syria-based missile
systems harassed its jets along border

Urban Outfitters to end on-call
shifts for New York employees

Rising oil price powers
broader market rally

Two missing as floodwaters
persist in South Carolina

'Idea of India' debate rages
after man killed over beef rumors

Volkswagen board
in crisis talks

Russia backs Syrian forces in
major assault on insurgents

Somali militants kill
president's nephew in ambush

Russian warships launch rockets
on Islamic State in Syria

In Myanmar, young programmers
launch first-ever election app

VW board in crisis talks ahead
of emissions scandal deadlines

DNA research deployed in war
on cancer scoops Nobel Prize

Italy diocese fires Roman Catholic
priest over pedophilia comments

Nepal considers air-lifting
fuel as India border stays shut

Greek police say break migrant
smuggler ring, arrest 12 people

Rome's main airport reopens terminal
after false alarm: ministry

Netanyahu cancels Germany trip due
to security situation: sources

Terminal at Rome's main airport
evacuated for 'controls': police

Kurds protest in north Iraq as
discontent grows with government

Volkswagen, Audi say 90,000 Australia
vehicles had emissions cheating software

Russian warplanes in Syria destroy
U.S.-trained rebels' weapons depots: commander

U.S. investigators begin probe
into freighter's sinking

Pakistan's top court upholds death
sentence for Punjab governor's killer

DNA scientists win 2015
Nobel Prize for Chemistry

Iran's supreme leader bans
negotiations with the United States

Palestinian woman stabs Israeli
near Jerusalem holy site: police

Suu Kyi says hopes to lead Myanmar
despite constitutional ban

Imelda Marcos disappointed her
son only aiming for Philippine VP

Russia beefs up Tajikistan base
with attack helicopters: report

Belgian rail strike to halt
international trains on Friday

AB InBev makes $104 billion
bid for rival brewer SABMiller

EU court dismisses claims
against ECB over Greek debt

Turkish forces kill four Kurdish
militants after robbery: governor

Syrian army and Russian jets
target rebels in western Syria

Asian shares hit seven-week high
as oil jump eases supply worries

Exclusive: Modi pushes 'obsolete'
made-in-India plane on reluctant military

Ex-Yemen president's party
says accepts peace terms

Japan's Abe keeps allies in key posts
as attention returns to economy

Heavy Russian strikes hit
western Syria: monitor

JPMorgan buys more mortgages from
other lenders as market shrinks

Asian shares firm on resurgent
oil, Nikkei falls on BOJ

Malaysia's rulers call for quick
action on scandal dogging state fund

McCarthy seeks to convince US
conservatives he's not like Boehner

Samsung Electronics sees third quarter
profit boost despite smartphone woes

Death toll from China
typhoon rises to 19: Xinhua

Australian police four over
suspected 'terrorism' murder

Journalist who allegedly helped
hackers makes final pitch to jury

Special Report: China uses intimidation
tactics at U.N. to silence critics

Blaze put out at Shell chemical
plant in Deer Park, Texas

VW CEO says recall to start in
January, be completed end-2016

Europe-U.S. data transfer deal
used by many firms ruled invalid

Oregon attorney general visits
town shaken by college massacre

Australian court tests legality of
offshore detention for asylum seekers

U.S. GAO upholds Harris protest
about FBI contract plan

Deep seas complicate search for ship
lost in hurricane: investigator

Samsung Electronics third-quarter
profit guidance beats estimates

Blaze burns at Shell complex in
Deer Park, Texas: local media

All Americans would pay some income tax
under Republican Jindal's plan: WSJ

Brazil electoral court to probe
Rousseff re-election campaign

Fifteen dead as South Carolina
gripped by historic flooding

Portuguese president asks PM to
form government to ensure stability

Tennessee board drops vote on seeking
God's mercy over gay marriage

Ex-U.N. General Assembly head,
five others face U.S. bribery case

Macri dismisses policy paralysis
risk if he wins Argentine presidency

Texas executes man who killed
Mexican, robbed him of $8

Brazil attorney general turns to
high court on Rousseff accounts

Guinea-Bissau president
rejects proposed government

Montana judge rules lethal
injection drug violates state law

Norwegian Air CEO says $69 flights
from U.S. to Europe around the corner

Arizona university asks
football fans to shun blackface

House effort to force Ex-Im vote
to stall in Senate: McConnell aide

New York judge overturns conviction
in 1990 murder of tourist

IndustriALL Union files ILO
complaint against Thailand

Australian police arrest five over
shooting 'linked to terrorism'

Minnesota man accused of chasing
deer with boat until it drowned

United Airlines says flight
diverted because of ill crew member

Obama makes pitch to win
support for Pacific trade pact

Connecticut man to serve year in
prison for 'swatting' hoax calls

U.S. to release 6,000 federal
prisoners - Washington Post

Ohio sues Toledo over marijuana
decriminalization ordinance

Congress should act on
'scandalous' fantasy betting: Reid

Big palm oil's pledge to
preserve forests vexes Indonesia

Michigan providing water filters
in Flint after high lead readings

Ivory Coast opposition candidate suspends
participation in presidential vote

Pope Francis to
visit Mexico in 2016

Texas teen who said he was 12 gets
20 years for preying on students

Kerry arrives in Haiti to offer
U.S. support ahead of elections

Police rescue Kentucky store
owner from large python

Jihadist threat posted online against
Navy SEAL from bin Laden mission

Pentagon calls Afghan hospital strike a
mistake, seeks accountability

Florida man accused of secretly selling
MLB pitcher's boat, keeping money

Obama says TPP will 'raise the bar'
on currency manipulation concerns

UAW threatens strike at Fiat
Chrysler U.S. operations

German authorities accused of playing
down refugee shelter sex crime reports

Somali militants vow to welcome
British peacekeepers 'with fire'

Search for ship lost in hurricane a
'big challenge': U.S. investigator

Nevada agrees to pay San Francisco
$400,000 over patient dumping

Big U.S. firms hold $2.1 trillion
overseas to avoid taxes -study

U.S. justices weigh Baltimore
cop's kickback conspiracy appeal

Maldives boat blast was attempt
on president's life: minister

Passengers injured in Vermont Amtrak
crash out of hospital: governor

Senate leader McConnell cites
'troubling parts' to TPP

U.S. union warns Fiat
Chrysler of possible strike

Defense authorization bill
advances in Senate, future cloudy

Newly identified human
ancestor was handy with tools

Clinton says no-fly zone over Syria
would require Russian cooperation

Congo ruling party officials behind
demo attack: rights body HRW

Amtrak says to suspend national rail
service without safety extension: letter

Publisher promises stickers, changes for
textbook that called slaves 'workers'

Top U.S. general calls Afghan hospital strike a
mistake made within U.S. command chain

France plans U.N. resolution
targeting Syrian barrel bombs

TPP deal could lose some Republican
votes: Senate Finance chair

White House: TPP deal will pressure
China to raise labor standards

Pentagon sees decision soon on
Russian rocket engine waiver

New Jersey priest accused of
aiming gun at young Cowboys fan

Seven killed in Islamic State
suicide bombing in Yemeni capital

Mexico army boss will not allow
questioning of troops in student massacre

How Iranian general plotted
out Syrian assault in Moscow

Tajikistan widens crackdown
on Islamist party

Afghan hospital 'mistakenly
struck': general

Troika urges delay to plan
for new South Sudan states

Flogged Saudi blogger Badawi named
'writer of courage' in Britain

Federal investigators head to Florida
to probe ship lost in hurricane

Obama says he is confident
Congress will approve TPP

Planned Parenthood seeks class action
status after Arkansas cuts payments

South Carolina still gripped by
floodwaters after record rain

Spain, France arrest member of
Basque group ETA near Paris

Grandmother wins $310.5 million
Michigan Powerball jackpot

Russia, U.S. move to resume talks
on air-to-air conduct over Syria

West, Ukraine, hail rebel decision
to postpone disputed elections

Bosnian court jails four over
recruitment of militants for Syria

Philadelphia college on lockdown
after reports of gunman on campus

Church should shun derogatory
words on gays, Vatican synod told

Ten Commandments monument removed
from Oklahoma Capital grounds

EU seeks Turkey help to block
migrant flows, offers cash

U.S. charges ex-U.N. General Assembly
president, five others for corruption

Rubio seeks cap on
regulation costs

Pentagon sees big impact if
Congress fails to pass FY16 budget

Former President Carter mediating
dispute between Martin Luther King heirs

Nobel prize for solving puzzle
of ghostly neutrino particles

Abbas says does not want
escalation with Israel

Arpad Goncz, Hungary's first
post-Communist president, dies at 93

Break silence on air-to-air
rules of conduct: U.S. to Russia

Pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine
postpone disputed elections

MSF says U.S., Afghan remarks
on Kunduz point to war crime

U.S. charges expected in U.N. corruption
probe involving Macau developer: source

NATO rejects Russia explanation
on Turkish air space

Russian jets hit Islamic State
targets in Palmyra, Aleppo

French court drops genocide case
against Rwandan priest: source

Japan promises visiting Sri Lanka
PM infrastructure, maritime aid

Fresh round of U.S.-led air strikes
target Islamic State in Syria, Iraq

Tunisia busts Islamic State recruitment
cells, arrests 11 suspected recruits

U.S. government probes alleged
U.N. bribery scheme: WSJ

Spain's Princess Cristina tax
fraud trial to start in January

Bush, Rubio battle for donors
may presage campaign's next step

Hong Kong students and staff
march to defend academic freedom

Boko Haram militants kill 11
Chad troops: military source

Russia would consider air strikes
in Iraq at Baghdad's request: RIA

Nearly 100 migrants reported
dead off Libya: IOM

Taliban fighters launch hit-and-run
attacks in Afghanistan's Kunduz

Russia says checking claim its plane
violated Turkey's airspace for second time

Court throws out case filed by
ousted Thai PM against prosecutor

Volkswagen says eight million cars in
EU affected by cheat software: letter

Top EU court says U.S.-EU
data transfer deal is invalid

Explosions hit Aden compounds of
Yemen government, Gulf Arab troops

Israel razes homes of Palestinian
militants in Jerusalem

Detained Bangladesh militant
leader killed in grenade blast

Mass immigration is damaging
Britain, says UK interior minister

Japan's PM Abe to seek to play
it safe in cabinet shake-up

Mexican judge orders four soldiers
released in executions case

U.S. warns against 'egregious'
restrictions in contested South China Seas

Japan says can build subs
in Australia 'from day one'

Aden hotel used by Yemen government
hit by missile, casualties feared

Dutch freighter sinks after crash
off Belgian coast, no fatalities

Australia central bank holds
rates steady for fifth month

Eleven dead in historic South
Carolina rains and flooding

Venezuela hits back at U.S.
for questioning its democracy

Clinton TV ad rallies supporters
on Benghazi investigation

Ghana suspends seven high court
judges over corruption accusations

In Guatemala mudslide, searchers
find dead families huddled together

DuPont CEO Kullman steps down; veteran
executive Breen named interim CEO

Montana hunter fends off grizzly
by sticking arm into its throat

University of Texas debates guns
on campus after Oregon shooting

Yellowstone National Park sets record
year with 3.8 million visitors so far

Obama heads to Oregon to meet
shooting victims' families Friday

Second body recovered after New
York building gas explosion

Historic Pacific trade deal
faces skeptics in U.S. Congress

Trial of alleged Virginia
serial killer gets under way

Nature thrives in Chernobyl,
site of worst nuclear disaster

Ivory Coast must end wave of arrests,
abuse ahead of polls: Amnesty

Tennessee boy, 11, held for killing
8-year-old girl over puppies: sheriff

BBC News
NY Times News