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Wiki-Leaking Bank Information
For anyone interested in learning more about Wikileaks, how it operates, its ethics and an example of the character of one leaker, I recommend watching this video. Probably because of server overload, the video may take up to about 15 minutes to begin playing. It’s worth the wait.
—Ralph    |   |

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Cached Jun 25, 2016, 7:42 am (all times Eastern US)
Reuters News
After Islamist attacks,
Tunisia's tourism struggles

Debris in Tanzania to be examined
for link to missing MH370: report

France wants quick British
divorce from EU, Germany cautious

Scotland's Sturgeon presses ahead with
preparations for independence vote

Slovakian far right party launches
petition for referendum on EU membership

Turkey detains 28 people over alleged
financial links to cleric Gulen: Dogan agency

Two dead, homes burned by
massive California wildfire

Green kingmakers see Scottish independence
vote determined by public appetite

Palestinian leader retracts
rabbis water poisoning allegation

Wall Street eyes low rates,
earnings after Brexit rout

Britain pressured for quick EU
split as Brexit impact begins

Pope says 'never again' to
tragedies like Armenian genocide

Thousands rally in Australia
for same-sex marriage

Puerto Rico Governor suspends
payments on infrastructure debt

China says has stopped
communication mechanism with Taiwan

Three killed, two injured
in Maryland shooting

Judge tosses suit against theater
chain over Colorado cinema massacre

State's worst floods in a
century kill 23 in West Virginia

Split Supreme Court blocks
Obama immigration plan

Kansas legislature passes finance
plan, schools to stay open

Arizona says it has run out
of drugs for executions

China media snidely criticize
Brexit vote, but upbeat on UK ties

Three Mexican federal police
gunned down in market

Republican ex-Treasury chief Paulson
slams Trump, to vote for Clinton

Exclusive: Google, Facebook quietly move
toward automatic blocking of extremist videos

Britain votes to leave EU,
Cameron quits, markets rocked

U.S. committed to bringing
American hostages home -Obama

Twenty dead in West Virginia in
state's worst floods in a century

Brazil prosecutor recommends barring
Planning Minister from office

U.S. states, Rockefellers clash with
U.S. House panel on Exxon climate probes

New York LGBT bar becomes first
U.S. monument to gay rights

Clinton regains double-digit lead
over Trump: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Could Brexit vote be a preview
of U.S. presidential race?

Pentagon expected to repeal ban
on transgender members next month

Worst day in 10 months as Wall
Street reacts to 'Brexit'

Hawaii becomes first U.S. state to
place gun owners on FBI database

German officials warn against
EU "revenge" for UK Brexit vote

Woman who accused Cosby of sex
assault withdraws defamation case

Venezuela dialogue could open way for
international help - U.S. diplomat

Wall St. tumbles after
Britons vote to leave EU

Obama tries to limit fallout
from British EU exit vote

After Brexit, what? U.S.
secessionists hankering for 'Texit'

Central California wildfire more than
doubles in size after destroying homes

British EU exit a model for
Trump's campaign, he says

UK 'Leave' vote deflates
hopes for U.S.-EU trade deal

Chicago loses 'Star Wars'
museum to California

For Donald Trump, going on about
golf is par for the course

Wall St. slumps as Brexit
takes investors by surprise

Obama says U.S. special relationship
with Britain will endure

"Brexit" threatens to undermine
U.S.-Britain special relationship

Pope on visit to Armenia cites
"genocide", likely to anger Turkey

Bipartisan U.S. House members vow
to keep gun control fight alive

Cleveland, ACLU agree on protest
limits at Republican convention

Seeking new routes, Central American
migrants at risk of trafficking

Obama creates first U.S. monument
to gay rights at New York site

Obama says UK relationship
endures despite Brexit

Sanders will vote for
Clinton to stop Trump

Boston mobster 'Whitey' Bulger's
rat mug, rings draw auction bids

Ryan, House Republicans offer
plan to slice U.S. tax rates

What next for EU after Brexit
bombshell? The usual..

Libyan forces clash with militants
in Sirte, 14 dead: official

Dozens burned in Texas walking on
hot coals at Tony Robbins seminar

As Cameron loses biggest gamble,
Johnson looks biggest winner

Germany worries France, others could
follow UK in leaving EU: paper

Brexit vote means
Fed stays put

U.S. Navy captain involved in
seizure by Iran relieved of command

Hezbollah vows to keep
fighting in Syria's Aleppo

Firefighters injured, dozens of homes
destroyed in California wildfire

Obama says in wake of Brexit
that UK relationship endures

UK 'Leave' a final nail in the coffin
for stalled U.S.-EU trade deal

Flint children's blood lead levels
rose in water crisis: U.S. officials

More than 2,000 migrants rescued
at sea : Italy coast guard

Thailand jails seven activists
over referendum campaign

Brazil's Bible, beef and bullets
lobby backs Temer, unfazed by scandal

Britain's financial sector
reels after Brexit bombshell

Trump says Brexit a
model for his campaign

Turkey warns of rising European
xenophobia after Brexit vote

Divided Brits in
shock after EU vote

Four dead in West Virginia floods
as rain-swollen rivers crest

Japan PM: difficult to revise arms-renouncing
article of constitution - Kyodo

Clinton: 'We respect the choice
the people' made on Brexit

Nexit, Frexit or Italeave? British
vote fires up EU's 'Outers'

United clinches long-sought deal
with flight attendants union

Israeli troops say kill
Palestinian attacker in West Bank

Obama says he respects
Britain's decision to leave EU

Sanders says will vote for
Hillary Clinton for president

Trump predicts 'staggering' July
fundraising for White House bid

Russia's Putin says doesn't expect Brexit
to influence EU sanctions on Russia

Biden says U.S. would have preferred a
different Brexit outcome

Brexit shock triggers
race to salvage EU

Immigration win for Republicans
could help Clinton in the end

'Explosive shock' as Britain
votes to leave EU, Cameron quits

Dutch anti-immigrant party chief urges
'Nexit' referendum for Netherlands

World stocks routed as
Britain votes for EU exit

New Scotland independence referendum
'highly likely': Sturgeon

In Scotland after British vote, Trump
draws parallels to his campaign

Malaysia PM sacks former deputy from
party, still considering cabinet reshuffle

Boston mob boss 'Whitey' Bulger's
possessions to go under gavel

Scotland 'highly likely' to hold second
independence vote after EU vote: Sturgeon

From Edinburgh to Gibraltar,
Brexit vote sparks new claims

An activist campaign seeks to
shame U.S. companies over Trump

Three people killed in shootout
in Turkish hospital: media

Sinn Fein calls for Irish unity
poll as Brexit fallout begins

Turkey grants immunity to security
forces fighting militants

Donald Trump says Britons 'took
back control of their country'

Scotland's future is in EU,
minister says as Brexit looms

Philippines' Duterte says time
will come to confront Abu Sayyaf

Boris Johnson is bookmaker's
favorite to succeed Cameron

Italy PM Renzi says after Brexit EU
must become 'more just and human'

Senegal ex-president's son jailed
for corruption released: government

South African court blocks appeal
by Zuma over corruption charges

Mob destroys mosque as religious,
ethnic tension rises in Myanmar

UK PM Cameron says will step down
by October after Brexit vote

Indonesia says coal on hold for
Philippines after seven sailors abducted

Europe 'can't go on like before',
says French right's Juppe

EU's Tusk says 27 EU leaders
determined to keep unity after Brexit

Norway prime minister says EU should
listen to dissatisfied voters

Czech prime minister says EU
must change quickly after Brexit

Scottish leader says future in
EU as Britain votes to leave

With a British adieu to EU, it's
farewell to a Fed rate hike for now

Ireland braces itself for
'definite' downside of Brexit

Hungary PM Orban says UK vote shows
Brussels must listen to popular voice

Poland says EU concept needs
rethinking after Brexit

Finnish eurosceptics say respect Brexit
vote, no time for Finland euro exit

Donald Trump heads for Scotland
to reopen a golf resort

Germany's Steinmeier says Brexit
vote marks a sad day for Europe

Our turn for a referendum,
says French far right FN

Wildfire destroys dozens of
homes in central California

Australia PM sees uncertainty,
instability as UK on brink of Brexit

China rejects bending rule for
India to join nuclear club

Dutch anti-immigration leader Wilders calls
for Dutch referendum on EU membership

Don't look down! Skyslide to open
1,000 feet above Los Angeles

White House unveils measures to
help inmates find work after prison

'Leave' scents victory in
Britain's EU vote, pound crashes

Reputed Utah militia leader
charged with attempted bombing

Savage storm pummels
eastern China, killing 98

EU vote shows divided Britain,
result too close to call

California regulators voice
support for cap and trade program

Seven Indonesian sailors kidnapped
in Philippines: foreign minister

Mexican president vetoes package
of anti-corruption bills

With refugees here to stay, hosts
get help to make them an asset

Leave camp leads in early
UK referendum count

VW to pay over $10 billion
for U.S. emissions scandal

Latest gun control bid falters in
Congress, Democrat sit-in ends

Tears of joy as rebels sign
ceasefire with Colombian government

Lyft wins approval of driver
settlement from U.S. judge

Are fears of mass unemployment
in China overblown?

U.S. civil rights leader Walter Fauntroy
to return from Middle East -report

U.S. banks flex capital
muscle in annual stress test

Leave camp pessimistic as polls
point to UK staying in EU

Democrats say gun defeat in Congress
could help on campaign trail

Florida man brags about burglary
on Facebook, lands him in jail

White House threatens to veto
Republicans' Zika funding plan

Polls point to UK staying in EU,
Leave campaigner pessimistic

Arkansas Supreme Court upholds
lethal injection protocols

Viacom CEO asks court to order
medical exam of Sumner Redstone

Fiat Chrysler accused of concealing
defect in Jeep Grand Cherokee

Clinton's server technician declines
to answer court-ordered questions

Polls close in UK referendum,
UKIP leader sees Remain victory

Morocco arrests 10 suspected Islamist
militants, including Algerian

U.S. Navy mulls punishment
for sailors seized by Iran

Gunman takes hostages in German
cinema, is shot dead by police

U.S. court says Virginia transgender
student can use boys' bathroom

Big U.S. banks have enough capital
to withstand severe stress: Fed

Trump will not ask donors to repay
nearly $50 million in campaign loans

Obama briefed on man who took hostages
in German cinema: White House

Obama would veto Republican-backed
Zika funding bill: White House

Brazil's Temer vows not to meddle
in 'Operation Car Wash' probe

Black boxes from crashed EgyptAir
flight will go to France for repair

New York City heightens security
for Sunday's gay pride parade

Former Pentagon official pleads
guilty in 'Fat Leonard' case

California oil pipeline spill
stopped before reaching beach

Baltimore judge clears second
officer in Freddie Gray death

U.S. Senate, seeing no path to
gun control passage, shifts gears

Florida nightclub shooter buried
in Muslim cemetery: reports

Goldman to replace campus interviews
with video to modernize hiring

Homeless man did not break law by
fleeing cold: Massachusetts' top court

U.N. Security Council condemns
North Korea missile launches

U.S.-backed Syrian forces clash with
Islamic State on outskirts of Manbij

San Francisco sets vote on soda
tax amid battle on health warnings

Car bomb in eastern Turkey kills one
civilian, wounds 2 soldiers: security sources

EPA says filtered Flint, Michigan
drinking water safe to drink

U.S. begins targeted
sanctions on Congo official

Saudi prince aims for Silicon
Valley appeal to gleam at home

U.S. Supreme Court upholds
race-based college admissions

U.S. DOT says road travel
rose by 2.6 percent in April

Colombia and FARC sign historic
ceasefire accord, peace within sight

U.S. Democrats end House protest,
gun control prospects dim

Led Zeppelin did not steal
'Stairway' riff, jurors say

Philadelphia congressman resigns
following fraud conviction

Obama speaks with Kenya president
about support for refugees

Colombian president, FARC
commander to sign ceasefire accord

Democrats end House
sit-in over gun control

California insurance commissioner urges
Department of Justice to block Aetna-Humana deal

In Turkey's judicial overhaul,
Erdogan's critics see payback time

OAS chief blames Maduro
government for Venezuela crisis

Opposition leader says Zambia
unlikely to have free elections

Police shoot dead masked man who
took hostages in German cinema

Britons vote on EU membership
after bitter campaign

Human skin cells used in
animal-free cosmetic tests

Crews rush to protect coast from
California oil pipeline leak

Boat migrant rescues surge as
calm seas return to Mediterranean

Death toll in South African
protests rises to five

Man opens fire in German cinema complex,
shot dead by police: media reports

Baltimore cop not guilty all
charges in death of Freddie Gray

Tornado, hail storms kill at
least 78 people in eastern China

Supreme Court split 4-4 over in
Native American tribal court dispute

Turk who depicted Erdogan as
Gollum gets suspended jail term

Armed man opens fire in German
cinema complex, up to 50 hurt: media

Illinois residents clean up after
tornadoes hit homes, trap residents

Congo arrests politician accused of
leading militia that raped children

Offensives against Islamic State could
displace 2.3 million Iraqis: U.N.

Democrats up all night in
legislative vigil for gun control

Supreme Court partly strikes down state
drunken driving test refusal laws

Disney World's ongoing battle
against 'nuisance' alligators

Abbas says some Israeli rabbis called
for poisoning Palestinian water

Israel's Netanyahu aims to head off
criticism with diplomatic blitz

Pistorius says murdered girlfriend
would want him to go free: ITV

France's Hollande to meet
Germany's Merkel before EU summit

Macedonian opposition to boycott
parliament over wiretap scandal

Two dead in kayaking accident
off Maine coast: officials

Trump's 'unlimited' wealth may not
be enough to fund his campaign

Russia says invited Turkish foreign
minister to meeting in Sochi

Democrats hold all-nighter in Congress
over gun control, Republicans adjourn

Mateen altered looks, researched
anti-psychotic drugs before attack

Southeast Asian Islamic State unit being
formed in southern Philippines: officials

U.N. refugee chief urges Pakistanis not
to label Afghan refugees 'terrorists'

U.N. to clarify Syria
talks outlook on June 29

Electoral surge of far left likely
to shake up Spanish politics

Yemen's Houthis kill seven in search
for pro-government fighter: residents

Jurors in Led Zeppelin copyright
trial to deliberate for second day

After setbacks, N.Y. prosecutors
resume insider trading crackdown

Black leaders emerge as powerful
allies in LGBT fight in South

Special Report: Is Donald trump struggling
to find the green with his golf investments?

Bahrain summons senior Shi'ite
clerics for questioning: lawyer

Humanitarian emergency grips
Nigerian aid camp: MSF

Brazil police arrest former
minister Paulo Bernardo: media

'We were waiting for our deaths':
Kenyan widows saved by tribal elders

French riot police deploy ahead
of protest against jobs reform

Interpol launches appeal
to catch people smugglers

Turkish nationalist's resignation
adds to pressure on veteran leader

China brushes off doubts over support
on South China Sea, says it is growing

Baltimore cop's murder trial verdict
due in death of Freddie Gray

Firefighters to battle against
flames, dry California weather

Myanmar migrant plight in spotlight
as Suu Kyi visits Thailand

Russia seen putting new nuclear-capable
missiles along NATO border by 2019

Democrats wind down gun
protest after occupying House

Suspected murderer of British lawmaker
Jo Cox to face trial in November

Heroin use at 20-year high in
U.S. drug 'epidemic', U.N. says

Turkey says politicians' visits to
Incirlik air base inappropriate

Sterling hits 2016 high, stocks
climb as UK votes on Brexit

Pakistan mourns murdered singer
in attack claimed by Taliban

Republican lawmakers approve
$1.1 billion in new Zika funds

Japan probes suspected North Korean rocket
nose cone amid growing missile concerns

Hong Kong democracy activist 'Long
Hair' charged as elections loom

New Zealand man jailed for spreading
images of IS violence: media

Chief of Malaysia's
anti-graft panel to step down

House adjourns despite
Democrats' call for vote on guns

Coalition air strikes, Turkish army kill
eight Islamic State militants: sources

North Korea leader says missile launch
shows ability to attack U.S. in Pacific

Sterling firms, Asian stocks
wobble ahead of Brexit vote

Solar plane lands in Spain after
three-day Atlantic crossing

Exclusive: McDonald's gets bids for China, HK
stores sale in up to $3 billion deal - sources

Some evacuation orders lifted
in California wildfires

Democrats stage House 'sit-in' over
guns despite Republican rebuke

Louisiana officer shot and
killed during pedestrian stop

Indonesian president sails to South
China Sea islands in message to Beijing

Idaho prosecutor denies Syrian
refugees gang-raped girl

Wanted man killed after Saudi raid
on Shi'ite village: state media

Tornadoes touch down in U.S.
Midwest, no initial damage reported

Gunmen kidnap seven, including
Australians, in Nigeria

White House slams Zika
funding bill as inadequate

U.S. transfers Guantanamo
detainee to Montenegro

Four murders and a bloody battle
for land rights in Thailand

China gets another graft suspect
back, to launch more probes

Behind Tesla carnage, signs of
support for Musk's SolarCity deal

Asia stocks, sterling rise
as Brexit anxiety abates

Quebec hostage-taking ends
with female officer released

Venezuela opposition says has
sufficient signatures for referendum

U.N. to send peacekeepers home over
reaction to South Sudan violence

Body recovered from family's
boat missing off Florida coast

Ex-U.N. General Assembly president
in U.S. bribery case dies: lawyer

U.S. House Democrats hold 'sit-in'
demanding gun control vote

Afghanistan's dwindling Sikh,
Hindu communities flee new abuses

As election looms, far right
targets small town Australia

Brazil speaker Cunha indicted for
money laundering, currency dealing

In Silicon Valley, Obama to keep
hot-button tech issues off agenda

California lawmakers move to change
sentencing law following Stanford case

U.S. warns China against provocations
once court rules on sea claims

Former Ford, Bush national security
adviser Scowcroft endorses Clinton

Russia faces another
Rio ban over dope tests

Volkswagen will not help UAW union
organize Tennessee plant: HR chief

Fiat Chrysler speeds recall fix
for 1.1 million rollaway vehicles

Florida gator that killed boy
likely removed: authorities

Clinton offers her vision for
U.S economy, rebukes Trump's

Judge gives Caesars green light
to pursue reorganization plan

Seeking to regain ground, Trump
calls Clinton corrupt and a liar

Viacom board stays in place as judge steers
away from Redstone competence question

Anti-money laundering body seen
keeping Iran on blacklist: officials

Harris Corp wins $1.7 billion
U.S. defense contract: Pentagon

Indiana buses wrong to ban ad from
pro-life group: U.S. appeals court

Texan puts baby in fridge after
leaving her in hot car: police

Anti-Semitic assaults rise in United
States to 56 incidents: report

Saudi deputy crown prince, U.N. chief
talk protecting Yemen's children

Gunmen kidnap expatriate cement
workers in South Nigeria

Led Zeppelin owes millions in royalties
to musician: plaintiff attorney

Sanders: It doesn't appear that
I'm going to be the nominee

U.S. envoy talks with Venezuela
President Maduro amid crisis

North Korea's missile launches 'brazen,
irresponsible act': U.N. chief

Ex-Credit Suisse banker pleads
guilty in tax fraud conspiracy

Exclusive: Bahrain national reconciliation
efforts stalled - U.S. State Department

Merkel says NATO
must be strengthened

Man who hid on Appalachian Trail
sentenced for fraud in Ohio

In Turkey's tussle with the EU,
Erdogan thinks he holds the cards

Democrats create havoc on House
floor over gun control legislation

Investors see trouble in Musk's
dream for Tesla-SolarCity tie-up

Supreme Court's Alito sells oil
company shares, documents show

U.S. says to co-host aid pledging
conference for Iraq in July

Court strikes down Obama
fracking rules for public lands

House Republicans unveil healthcare
alternative to Obamacare

More items from sailboat of missing
family found off Florida coast

U.S. envoy Shannon meets
Venezuelan president in Caracas

Democratic senators ask Justice
Department to block insurance megamergers

U.S. completes 'takedown' of
Medicare fraud: officials

Zambia shuts down
newspaper in tax dispute

Rubio seeks re-election to
Senate, says Trump 'worrisome'

House Democrats stage protest
to demand gun control bill

Michigan man charged with killing
5 cyclists now facing 14 charges

Turkey blocking German official's
visit to Incirlik base: Germany

'Dizzy' busts out of Massachusetts
zoo, prompts two-day monkey hunt

Conflict among U.S. allies in northern
Syria clouds war on Islamic State

Slain Americans' parents urge Obama
to bring home missing reporter

Michigan attorney general sues
France's Veolia in Flint water crisis

Trump accuses Clinton of
corruption, attacks policy record

France's Veolia sued for 'botching'
work in Michigan water crisis

Auctioneer gets year in U.S. prison
for ivory, rhino horn smuggling

Spanish minister linked to alleged
smear campaign before election

Senate fails to advance FBI spying
bill after Orlando shooting

New York hedge fund manager
Valvani's death ruled suicide

Warren to campaign with
Clinton in Ohio on Monday

Midwest braces for severe
weather, threat of high winds

Senate votes down proposal to
expand FBI surveillance powers

Venezuela indicts opposition
activists amid recall effort

Medicare program spending
within target rate: trustees

Florida lieutenant governor
ends bid for Senate seat

EU calls for free passage
through South China Sea

Killing of British lawmaker was
'an act of terror', says husband

Falluja gains boost Iraqi PM
ahead of Mosul, but for how long?

Trump lashes out at Clinton's
personal record, policies

Germany loosens restrictions on
monitoring radicalized teenagers

Musk sees $1 trillion Tesla as
shares drop over SolarCity deal

Experts urge follow-up probe
to Mexican student massacre

Justice Department unveils 'largest
takedown ever' to combat Medicare fraud

Senator Rubio to seek
re-election in Florida

Firefighters battle to tame
Los Angeles-area wildfires

Massachusetts securities regulator
cracks down on fake proxy voting

Same-sex marriages in U.S. up,
domestic partnerships down: Gallup

Main fund for Medicare program to
exhaust reserves in 2028: trustees

Three dead, one injured in quadruple
shooting in Washington state

Photos reveal U.S. Supreme Court
justices in private moments

Norway could send
troops into Syria

IMF sees U.S. economy in 'good
shape', too many in poverty

Portugal's political stability is
Europe's rare pleasant surprise

Airport planned for Israel-Jordan
border clouds neighborly ties

Colombia, FARC rebels to sign
ceasefire agreement on Thursday

Steely will seen behind Kim's push
for North Korea weapons that work

U.N. says received further reports
of abuse of Falluja escapees

Human flights to Mars still at
least 15 years off: ESA head

On eve of defining British EU
referendum, rivals race for final votes

Energy, aerospace on agenda of
Putin's trip to China: Kremlin

EU says Myanmar needs 'space'
to deal with rights abuses

Indonesian president to visit Natuna
Islands to reinforce sovereignty

Libyan forces take losses in battle
for Sirte against Islamic State

U.S. officials to unveil
Medicare fraud crackdown

Search resumes off Florida for
missing family on sailboat

Bahrain gambles with security by
launching crackdown on Shi'ites

China's one-time 'democracy' village
protests for fourth straight day

French unions say Paris protest
back on in government u-turn

Global stocks, sterling gain as Brexit
vote nears; Yellen cools rate talk

Gupta brother denies exerting undue
influence on South Africa's Zuma

BBC News
NY Times News