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Wiki-Leaking Bank Information
For anyone interested in learning more about Wikileaks, how it operates, its ethics and an example of the character of one leaker, I recommend watching this video. Probably because of server overload, the video may take up to about 15 minutes to begin playing. It’s worth the wait.
—Ralph    |   |

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Cached Nov 22, 2011, 2:44 am (all times Eastern US)
Reuters News
Insight: Super committee had
glimpse of elusive compromise

Visa program for Afghan
allies comes up empty

Analysis: Afghan mines no
solution for economic woes

Insight: "The Lady" media splash
presents new face of Myanmar

Armed leftists rattle
nerves, test Paraguay's Lugo

Republicans to meet in
foreign policy debate

After deaths, Egyptians
dig in for more protests

Alabama immigration crackdown
nabs Mercedes executive

Airman barricaded at
Colorado air base surrenders

Priest arrested on charge
of sexual assault on boy

Special Report: Mitt Romney's
thrill of victory at the Olympics

Budget crises make mayors
feel like "bad guys": poll

Woman jailed for stealing $1
million from Mark Twain House

Man to plead guilty to
harassing Palin attorney

Tucson shooter appeals
forced medication ruling

UC Davis chancellor sorry
for pepper spray incident

Samsung says in last-stage
talks to launch Google TV

Stop automatic defense cuts,
Panetta urges Congress

International space trio
lands in Kazakhstan

Calif. court weighs in on
retiree health benefits

Teen pleads guilty to murder
charge in slaying of gay student

World Bank: China faces Europe
risk, soft landing possible

Insight: Farm belt rage over
MF Global could chill markets

Local commander made Libya
defense minister: NTC source

Nebraska reverses course on
pot-promoting vanity plate

Panetta urges Congress to
stop automatic defense cuts

Kenyan runner in Alaska
loses feet to frostbite

Bolivia says won't let U.S.
anti-drug agents return

Police arrest 15 at Massachusetts
foreclosure protest

Party strategists quick
to spin deficit failure

NY Governor taps business
leaders as debt talks wither

Award-winning composer arraigned
on child pornography charges

Woman disappears after "The
People's Court" argument airs

Arizona hunter spots rare
U.S.-Mexico borderlands jaguar

U.S. kept distance from
NY plotter probe: source

Hezbollah, Iran
uncover CIA informants

Diplomat to meet with
Pakistani officials on memo

Duck hunting is an
obsession for Arkansas town

Thousands mourn Oklahoma State
University coach killed in crash

Healthcare cuts minimal,
more pain looms

Fed's Lockhart: prefer
language change to bond buys

No Syracuse abuse announcement
until probe complete: mayor

UC Davis students rally
against pepper-spraying

Analysis: Wall St. banks wonder
if they are shrinking for good

HP seeks stability in
2012 after rocky year

Postal chief says
overhaul bills inadequate

Navy discharging 28 sailors
over use of synthetic pot

Chains brace for season
of holiday discounts

Obama slaps new sanctions
on Iran energy sector

Dodgers hearing on Fox
Sports dispute canceled

Lawmakers abandon
deficit-cutting effort

Ex-Madoff trader admits
faking records since '70s

UAW says could picket foreign
brand dealers in U.S.

Gingrich backs privatized
Social Security for young

Greenberg sues U.S. for $25
billion over AIG takeover

Goldman CEO, CFO may face
Gupta insider testimony

Deficit panel fails
to reach deal

Deficit panel co-chairs
to announce failure: aide

HP reports revenue
above Street estimates

Yemen tribe hits base,
army kills 20 militants

Communications tweaks
"conceivable": Fed's Lockhart

Religion-related lobby
groups thrive in Washington

Western states step
up sanctions on Iran

October existing home
sales rise 1.4 percent

Accused White House shooter
to have mental exam

Poland, Sweden to try
football diplomacy on Ukraine

Target given 190,000 Black
Friday protest signatures

Penn State taps ex-FBI
director to probe sex abuse

Driver walks off Greyhound bus in
Missouri, stranding passengers

Deficit panel failure
looms over last gasp talks

Colorado air force base reports
unspecified disturbance

Flooding briefly shuts down
Interstate 30 in Arkansas

Defense firms prep for fight
beyond super committee

Two Occupy Wall Street
protesters sue NY police

Oakland protest camp removed, UC
Davis use of spray criticized

Spain new premier
refuses to reveal plans

Georgia court rules for
Episcopal church in dispute

Michelle Obama unveils
student poet program

Britain meets Syria
opposition, condemns crackdown

Penn State investigator
Freeh had rocky FBI tenure

Court rules for national church
in dispute with congregation

UK orders banks to halt Iran
business, U.S. move expected

More prosecutor misconduct
in Sen Stevens case

Egyptian police battle
protesters, 33 dead

Libya will have new
government on Tuesday: PM

Iran boycott mars rare
Middle East nuclear talks

Help Wanted USA: Hiring hotspots
emerge, but mobility an issue

U.S. says giving, not
selling, F-16s to Indonesia

NYC police arrest "lone
wolf" in bomb plot

UC Davis police chief put on
leave after spray incident

Disgraced U.S. cardinal
leaves Rome job

Britain condemns Assad before
Syria opposition talks

Death toll hits 33 on
third day of Egypt clashes

Deficit-cutting effort
ends with whimper

Ahmadinejad's press aide
denies arrest reports

Iran minister says sanctions a
"lose-lose game"

Libya general confirms
former spy chief captured

Pressure for fast action
after Spain election

UK phone-hacking victims
condemn intrusion

Libya PM says needs to verify
former spy chief was captured

Cairo morgue has 33 bodies
after clashes: sources

Cuba to let farmers sell
directly to tourist sector

WFP says more than 1 million
Zimbabweans need food aid

Witness: Bureaucracy mindbend -
Brazil taxes my busted microwave

Morocco "won't follow
Tunisia down Islamist path"

Iran arrests President
Ahmadinejad's press adviser: report

Turkish bus attacked in
Syria, two wounded: report

China confirms $1.7 trillion
spending plan: U.S.

Jordan king Abdullah in
West Bank as Mideast boils

U.S. to name Iran area of
"money laundering concern"

Suu Kyi to run for Myanmar
parliamentary seat

Exclusive: Taliban, Pakistan
said to have started peace talks

Protesters confront police as
Egypt clashes enter third day

Global economic outlook grim,
China tells U.S. trade talks

Chinese strip down for Ai
Weiwei amid porn investigation

Khmer Rouge trio accused of
Cambodia's "worst horrors"

Insight: In Iowa, farmland boom
means end of an era for many

Taliban, Pakistan in peace
talks: Taliban commander

Arab League takes firm line
with Syria on monitors

Spain's Rajoy triumphs
with big election majority

NY arrests Awlaki follower
on bomb-making plan

Penn State trustees panel
sets news conference Monday

Mila Kunis keeps her date
with Afghanistan vet

New York police arrest
man trying to build bomb

Anger mounts as MF Global clients
see $3 billion still stuck

Centre-right roars to
victory in Spain election

Egyptians protest at army,
clashes kill at least 12

New York to announce
details of bomb plot

Sandusky charity weighing
options, including closing

Study rejects "faster than
light" particle finding

New York City sets news conference
on terror issue: report

Founder sells Milwaukee cafe
for $100, promise of food

Romney picks up important
New Hampshire endorsement

At least 10 die as army,
police charge Egypt protesters

Debt-reduction panel
spirals toward failure

Analysis: Deficit deadlock may
send chill through markets

Kuwait emir slams opposition,
says PM will not go

Private equity pioneer
Ted Forstmann dies at 71

Somali rebels say Ethiopian
incursion shows Kenya failing

Two die during Philadelphia
Marathon races

Retailers adapt as mobile
holiday shopping booms

Qantas hopes can reach
deal with unions Monday

White House urges debt panel
to make "tough choices"

Insight: Anger rises as MF Global
clients see billions frozen

Spain's center-right winning
election: early count

After Gaddafi son,
spy chief captured

Is U.S. farm boom sitting
on an ethanol bubble?

Analysis: U.S. government a tenuous
beachhead for biofuel firms

Spain centre-right to win
absolute majority: exit poll

Thousands of Moroccans
call for election boycott

"Super committee" near
conceding failure: aides

Army, police charge Egypt
protesters who vow to stay

Israeli PM reconciles
foreign minister, spymaster

Police clear Oakland protest
camp without incident

Spain votes for change
to combat crisis

Debt reduction panel
remains far apart

The capture of
Gaddafi's son

Egyptians fret about voting
violence after clashes

Somali Islamists laud
reported Ethiopian incursion

Progress seen in talks on
power transfer in Yemen

Greek PM heads for Brussels
to try to secure cash

Israel foreign minister,
Mossad in row over powers

Iran daily closed over
Ahmadinejad aide interview

Gaddafi son held as Libyans
wrangle on government

Iran parliament to review
ties with U.N. nuclear body

Berlusconi says support for
Monti government conditional

Swiss party calls for
"Occupy" from igloos at Davos

Italy's Monti reviews
finances before EU meetings

U.S. money funds seen at risk
from Europe's debt storm

Two killed, hundreds hurt
in Egypt protest clashes

Italy's Monti agrees not to
run in election: Berlusconi

Pakistan envoy to U.S.
returns home amid memo row

Spaniards vote to find
way out of crisis

China, U.S. grapple with
tensions at trade talks

Protest flares in east
Afghanistan against U.S. deal

Secretive North Korea
opens up to cellphones

Gingrich brushes off Freddie,
leads Republican race: poll

Thousands rally against
Wisconsin Republican governor

Insight: Tibetans in China
seek fiery way out of despair

Grenades hit Baath Party
building in Damascus: report

Emboldened by Obama,
Myanmar maps out

Gul says Turkey can be
EU's "growth engine"

Oakland protesters defiantly
set up new tent city

Strong quake jolts northern
Japan, felt in Tokyo

Fire crews gain upper hand
on destructive Nevada blaze

Oakland protesters rally in
streets, vow to take over park

Former Procter & Gamble
CEO John Smale dies at 84

Deadline passes with no sign
of Syria violence abating

Spanish voters set to
throw out Socialists

UC Davis will probe use of
pepper-spray on student protesters

Woman killed by truck before
Yale-Harvard football game

U.S. banks should "undermine"
Occupy protesters: memo

One killed as Egyptian
police, protesters clash

One dead, more than 600
hurt in Cairo clashes

Deficit "super committee"
stalled as deadline looms

Analysis:Obama pivots towards
Asia, eyeing U.S. exports and jobs

Gaddafi's son captured,
scared and without a fight

Israel: time running out
to stop a nuclear Iran

Security fears keep Nigeria
president from home state vote

Egyptian police, protesters
clash in Tahrir Square

Virgin Mary's belt arrives
in Moscow before election

Analysis: Arrest of Gaddafi's son
poses challenge for new Libya

Woman killed after hit by truck
at Ivy League football game

Ethiopian troops move
into Somalia: witnesses

Bidders queue for MF
Global LME stake: sources

China says will "strengthen"
yuan's trading flexibility

China rebuffs U.S., Asia
pressure in sea dispute

Bahrainis protest death of
youth hit by police car

Iran defiant after U.N.
nuclear resolution

Pope visits cathedral
in African voodoo city

Greek party chief resists
EU/IMF pressure on pledge

Death toll rises in Syria
despite Arab League deadline

Afghan leaders back U.S. deal
but want night raids to end

Voters see only
more pain in Spain

Football abuse scandal
devastates small mountain town

Three dead in autobahn
pile-up collision in Germany

Gaddafi son Saif seized
in Libya: officials

Saif al-Islam Gaddafi
arrested: report

U.S. deficit deal still
possible: Republican

Obama: U.S. must rely more on
building instead of buying

Egypt police clear Tahrir
Square of protesters

U.S. exerts fresh pressure
on China in Asia Pacific

Renowned Japanese temple
refuses yakuza visits

Pope says West should
not condescend to Africa

Former Philippines' president
booked on poll fraud

Basque separatist voters
grow after ETA ends violence

Hijackers take two boats,
hostages, off Nigeria: sources

BBC News
NY Times News