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USA Has a Right-Sided Bias
This week’s diplomatic spat between the US and Venezuela illustrates the built-in U.S. bias against leftist governments.
(Reuters) - Venezuela condemned on Thursday the United States’ revocation of its ambassador’s visa. […]

In the latest flare-up between the ideological foes, Washington withdrew the visa of ambassador Bernardo Alvarez on Wednesday in retaliation for the rejection by socialist President Hugo Chavez of Obama’s nominated U.S. envoy to Caracas.

Chavez had blocked [U.S. envoy] Larry Palmer’s arrival, after the diplomat accused Venezuela’s government of close ties to leftist Colombian rebels. [Palmer] also alleged declining morale and growing Cuban influence in Venezuela’s armed forces.

It’s easy to see why U.S. foreign policy is always so strongly biased against leftist governments: there are still substantial remnants of U.S. anti-communism, the pillar upon which most of Washington’s foreign policy rested from the beginning of the Cold War, around 1947, until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Throughout 44 years of Cold War polarization, a strong tradition of U.S. anti-leftism became deeply rooted. And even though 20 years has now passed since the collapse of Russian communism, there is still a fixed expectation, both at home and in the rest of the world, that the U.S. will always oppose leftist governments such as Venezuela’s, while glossing over the faults of rightist states like El Salvador, to which

the United States has sent more than $1 billion in military aid […] in the last decade, and $2 billion more in economic assistance.
Anti-communist habits of thought also help explain why, two decades after the fall of the Soviet Union, U.S. press and media still retain a strong right-sided bias. A reflexive “anti-communist” miasma of condemnation subtly permeates the atmosphere when any domestic policy appears to lean leftward.

As long as reactive hatred of communism and reactive fear of terrorism combine to lock U.S. political dialog into a tiny pen, there’s little hope we’ll hear sensible policy discussion any time soon.

—Ralph    |   |

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Reuters News
Disgruntled Texas man killed after
fatally shooting co-worker: TV

Brazil's Rousseff says probe
requested by prosecutor based on lies

Artist ends lawsuit over Shkreli's
one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang album

Protesters burn schools in
South Africa's Limpopo province

Trump looks to unify Republicans
after decisive primary victory

How Zuma, the smiling spy,
controls South Africa

Wildfire destroys homes in Fort
McMurray; 80,000 ordered evacuated

Facebook pays $10,000 to
10-year-old Instagram hacker

Finnish finance minister faces
new challenge as party leader

Jewish leaders call for UK's Labour
Party to act on anti-Semitism 'cancer'

Iraq's all-female combat unit
seeks revenge on Islamic State

South Africa's EFF party ejected from
parliament ahead of Zuma address

U.S. says it, allies to do
more to combat Islamic State

U.S. auto regulators to make a major
safety announcement: statement

Rise in girls living on Mumbai's streets
raises trafficking concerns: charity

Brazil's prosecutors hit Vale, BHP with
$44 billion civil lawsuit for dam collapse

Victorious Trump sets sights
on Clinton, running mate

Russia says will respond to NATO
deployment in Poland, Baltics

China, Laos increase security
cooperation after attacks on Chinese

Turkey's pro-Kurdish opposition says
lifting immunity will bring more violence

French government condemns rise of
anti-police violence amid new clashes

Car bomb targets Turkish military,
air strikes destroy militant targets

EU proposes easy visas
for Kosovo citizens

Libya's east tests muscle with
oil shipment, troop dispatches

Janus's Bill Gross: 'Helicopter
money' is coming in a year or so

Turkish PM under pressure as
rift with Erdogan deepens

Turkey will keep responding to
rocket fire from Syria: Erdogan

U.S. warns of more risks in
Iraq after Navy SEAL's death

Closing arguments set in trial of Ohio
man charged with killing three women

Malaysia dissolves 1MDB advisory
board headed by PM Najib

EU executive proposes
easing visas for Turks

Acting Irish PM hopes government
can be formed this week

Tanker leaves east Libyan port without
loading, amid stand-off with Tripoli

China to carry out more military
drills in South China Sea

EU proposes scheme to
share out asylum seekers

Isolated Nepal PM not ready to
go after Maoists call for change

French presidential election set
for April 23 and May 7, 2017

U.N. peace talks on Yemen resume
after three-day suspension: delegates

Wildfire rages through Canadian
city, forcing mass evacuation

Obama visits Flint as questions
linger on EPA role in water crisis

Former military intelligence chief
advising Trump joins Drone Aviation

Trump, the outrageous outsider,
now presumptive Republican nominee

Maoists prompt Nepal crisis by
announcing plans for new government

Islamic State seeks news blackout
in Mosul as Iraqi army nears

Turkey on verge of completing
EU visa deal work: minister

North Korea hails anti-smoking
progress; leader Kim keeps puffing

U.S. gathers allies on next
steps in Islamic State fight

Russia to add three new military
divisions to counter NATO: agencies

Islamic State must be pushed back in
northern Syria: Turkish foreign minister

Asylum seekers aiming for Australia
try to prevent transfer to tiny Nauru

University of Iowa, police
investigate reported racist attack

Dozens killed in
Aleppo battle

Pakistan army launches inquiry
into political worker's death

How 'Stop Trump' failed to halt
the Republican front-runner  

Girl's gang rape in Indonesia
prompts angry calls for protection

Dhaka arrests five Bangladeshis
deported from Singapore

Air raids hit east of Damascus
after 'calm' expires: Observatory

Indonesia to hold new round of
executions; no word on foreigners

Car bomb blast in southeast Turkey
kills one Turkish soldier, wounds five

Turkey's Erdogan advances weekly PM
meet to Wednesday as tension rises

U.S. energy CEOs ready for new drilling
as oil prices plot upward path

Canadian wildfire forces
evacuation order for entire city

Turkey approves law among
final hurdles for EU visa deal

Exclusive: Target gets tough with
vendors to speed up supply chain

U.N. Yemen envoy says peace talks
to resume in Kuwait on Wednesday

Amid scandal, China military hospital
closes doors to new patients

Top prosecutor asks to investigate
Brazil president: media

Suspect arrested in death of girl on
New Mexico Navajo reservation: police

China sports ministry hauled on
the carpet over graft measures

California chef brings
cannabis to fine dining

U.S. to end bid to close major
California pot dispensary: lawyers

Trump soars from long-shot to
presumptive Republican nominee

Tough-talking mayor keeps poll lead
a week before Philippine elections

Exiting 2016 race, Republican Cruz
leaves himself a path forward

Australian mining magnate Clive
Palmer won't seek re-election

Brazil prosecutors ask to investigate
President Rousseff: Globo

Ex-officer in San Francisco text scandal
pleads not guilty to unrelated charges

Trump on his way to Republican
nomination after Cruz drops out

Brazil's top prosecutor charges
former president: Estado

California senate approves bill ending
mandatory prostitution sentences

Trump wins big in Indiana, with a
clear path as Cruz quits

China arrests one of most-wanted
telecoms fraud suspects: Xinhua

El Salvador arrests mediator
of controversial gang truce

Wildfire in Alberta's energy
heartland forces thousands to flee

Duterte's election campaign fizzing
among thirsty Filipino voters

Los Angeles 'Grim Sleeper'
serial killer case goes to jury

Quarter of school-age children live
in crisis affected countries: UNICEF

Singapore set to pick military
helicopters as arms spending rises

Trump drubs Cruz in Indiana,
looks like Republican favorite

Wildfire in Canada's Fort Mac
energy heartland forces evacuation

Trump wins Indiana, looks
close to unstoppable

Detroit teachers expected back in
class after pay assurances: union

Brazil prosecutor asks Supreme
Court to investigate Lula

White House may create monument
to gay rights: Washington Post

'Bongbong', the son, leads Marcos
revival in the Philippines

Puerto Rico could face financial
chaos without Congress plan: Lew

Girl kidnapped on New Mexico
Navajo Reservation found dead

Requests for data rise sharply under
secretive U.S. surveillance orders

Australia PM Turnbull confirms
will call election for July 2

Trump, Clinton take lead in
Indiana in early voting totals

Rebels launch assault in Syria's
Aleppo, diplomats try to revive truce

Seven big banks settle U.S.
rate-rigging lawsuit for $324 million

Takata to announce recall of 35 million-40
million U.S. air bag inflators: sources

Nobel laureate urges Modi to curb child
slavery as India reels from drought

Illinois House backs Democratic
redistricting amendment

Russia delays U.N. council condemnation
of North Korea missile tests

Kerry warns Syria's Assad of
'repercussions' if truce, transition fail

House panel near unveiling
new Puerto Rico debt bill

Auditors rebuke U.N. development
agency after U.S. indictments

No charges against Virginia police for
using stun guns on man who later died

WhatsApp resumes in Brazil after
suspension, legislators debate law

Kansas budget woes weigh
on state's credit ratings

New York City to pay U.S. $4.3
million in Medicare fraud case

Political ads and Super Bowl
boost CBS in first quarter

Alleged Texas shooter knocked murder
victim's gun from his hands: police

Brazil judge overturns 72-hour
suspension of WhatsApp

CBS's quarterly revenue
rises 10 percent

As Trump draws closer to Republican
victory, Cruz boils over

Wall Street values Tesla
Motors at $620,000 per car

Ex-N.Y. legislative leader Silver
sentenced to 12 years in prison

United Nations to start inspecting
commercial shipments to Yemen

Chicago schools to allow transgender
students to choose facilities

Six funerals held after
Ohio family massacre

Kerry says confident Syria ceasefire
can be reached, warns Assad

Bill allowing guns on
Tennessee campuses becomes law

Connecticut rabbi, former police
commissioner accused of child sex abuse

Israeli troops kill Palestinian driver
who rammed soldiers in West Bank: army

Man hijacks Washington
bus, kills pedestrian

Liberian presidential candidate Weah's
lawyers to go to U.S. over warrant

U.S. charges nine with $131
million ForceField Energy fraud

EU executive to propose
reforming asylum system

Kenyan court to hear case against
alleged gay anal examinations

Losing ground, Republican Cruz
slams Trump as 'pathological liar'

Kenya says arrests key member of
militant group plotting attacks

Dozens of Kurdish militants killed in
air strikes, clashes: Turkish military

Israeli who abducted, killed
Palestinian teen gets life term

Washington's 2015 subway fire showed
widespread safety lapses: agency

Obama to meet with Flint, Michigan
residents on water crisis

Exclusive: Differences over missile defense,
fine print snag U.S.-Israel aid deal

Clinton vows to support U.S. coal
regions while embracing cleaner energy

UK 'In' camp retains lead ahead
of EU referendum: TNS poll

Cruz unleashes fury at Trump
over Lee Harvey Oswald comment

West Africa pirates switch to
kidnapping crew as oil fetches less

Niger tells Europe it needs 1 billion
euros to fight illegal migration

Tajik Islamists' lawyer goes on
trial on fraud, extremism charges

U.S. families struggling with
teens' phone addiction: report

U.S. prosecutors consider more
charges against ex-CEO Shkreli

Islamic State kills U.S.
Navy SEAL in northern Iraq

Teachers' 'sickout' shuts
Detroit public schools again

U.S. serviceman killed by Islamic
State in Iraq was Navy SEAL: official

Pakistan's MQM party accuses
paramilitary of killing prominent member

Turkish Nobel laureate says Erdogan's
insult charges aimed at silencing dissent

Canada's government has trouble
detecting citizenship fraud: watchdog

Spain gears up for repeat
election on June 26

Brutal rape, murder of a woman
in south India sparks protests

Young Afghan Messi fan
flees over kidnap fears

Aeromexico plane diverted to Houston
after passenger dies: newspaper

Rebel rockets kill 19 in
Aleppo, hit hospital: monitor

German comedian says Merkel
'served me up for tea' to Turkey

Hollande against signing U.S.-EU
trade deal at current stage

Merkel says won't change tack to
counter anti-immigration party

Fatal helicopter crash off Norway
due technical error: investigators

More than 100 migrants die in
Libya to Italy weekend shipwrecks

Trump looking for decisive blow
against Cruz in Indiana showdown

German pair tortured women
to death, say police

Hungary to hold EU migrant
quota referendum by October

So much corruption, stuffed
into one Chicago tour

New security at Brussels Airport
causes delays, missed flights

Scientists win $3 million for
detecting Einstein's waves

China to investigate Baidu over
student's death, shares dive

Baby pulled out alive three days
after collapse of Kenya building

Islamic State forces kill U.S.
armed forces member in Iraq

New York asks StubHub, Ticketmaster
to curb 'speculative' sales

Rebel rockets hit Aleppo hospital,
causing casualties: monitor

Fists fly as Sri Lankan MPs protest
changing of the guard for ex-president

Rockets kill three women in
Aleppo hospital: Iikhbariya TV

Canadian held for second day after social
media criticism of Nepal government

Drought-hit Zimbabwe
sells off wild animals

Spanish King calls national
election for June 26

U.S. service member killed
in Iraq: U.S. defense chief

France's Hollande sends labor bill
to parliament in face of rebellion

Trump hopes to land decisive blow
in Indiana showdown with Cruz

Turkish warplanes hit PKK targets in
northern Iraq, killing 18: military sources

Singapore holds eight Bangladeshis for
planning terror attacks in home country

Thailand bans 'rude' opinions
ahead of crucial referendum

Islamic State breaches peshmerga
defenses north of Mosul

Turkey to abolish visas for Greek Cypriots,
in line with EU deal: Turkish official

Obama says Chinese-led trade deal
shows need for TPP: Washington Post

Clashes near Damascus despite
truce there, five killed in Aleppo

Seattle city council rejects street
closing plan for proposed arena

Spanish police arrest four accused
of promoting Islamist militancy

Air strikes hit Islamic State
stronghold in Syria: monitor

After brawl, Turkish parliament committee
votes to lift lawmakers' immunity

Fire destroys 50 shelters in
Myanmar camp for displaced: witness

Two Turkish soldiers, five Kurdish
militants killed in attack

China's Xi says not stifling debate
but wants everyone on same song sheet

Solar-powered plane lands in
Arizona on round-the-world flight

North Korea capital gears up for
congress; South fears nuclear test

Australia blames refugee advocates
after asylum seeker sets herself alight

Arizona school unwittingly distributes
yearbook photo of student's penis

Murders drop sharply in El
Salvador in April, police say

L.A. chef Goin, Chicago restaurant
Alinea win top U.S. food awards

Former FBI agent pleads guilty to
stealing $136,000 in drug proceeds

Honduras arrests four suspects
in killing of activist Caceres

Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay
$55 million in talc-powder trial

Wrestling body revokes ex-House
Speaker Hastert's awards

Obama takes Supreme Court fight
to Republican senators' home turf

L.A. Sheriff's official
resigns over offensive emails

NATO weighs four battalions in
Eastern states to deter Russia: U.S.

Ban on Arizona Sheriff Arpaio's
workplace raids lifted: court

AIG profit misses again as
weak hedge fund returns weigh

UK's Hammond says new initiative
needed for Syria talks

Ackman defends Valeant,
hints at more changes

Texas 'Santa' pleads guilty
to child pornography charges

Argentine court probes ex-president
Fernandez over new case: media

Clinton courts Appalachian
voters to counter Trump on trade

Chicago woman sues Starbucks for
putting too much ice in drinks

Change of venue granted in trial
over Georgia child's car death

Newly discovered planets may boost
search for life beyond Earth

Ex-girlfriend can get video deposition of
Sumner Redstone in upcoming trial: judge

FBI searching Connecticut home
of man tied to Boston art heist

Chinese police to patrol in
Italy in two-week experiment

U.S. tells Pakistan it will
have to fund F-16s itself

National Guardsman arrested after
standoff at Maryland armory

Kosovo airport closes after Turkish
Airlines jet skids off runway

L.A.'s 'Grim Sleeper' murder
trial closing arguments underway

Obama administration urges Congress
to act on Puerto Rico crisis

Gun owner trying to break up fight
fatally shot in Texas parking lot

Judge hears Sandusky's petition
on child sex abuse conviction

Puerto Rico government bank misses
payment, talking with creditors

Twitter lawsuit partly dismissed
over U.S. information requests

Drink Flint water? White House
does not know if Obama will

Turkish parliament debate on
lawmakers' immunity ends in a brawl

Brazil judge orders WhatsApp
blocked, affecting 100 million users

U.S. and Senegal sign
defense cooperation deal

U.S. top court upholds cop's
conviction in auto repair scheme

Kentucky judge temporarily bars
removal of Confederate statue

Australian says he created
bitcoin, but some skeptical

Venezuela opposition submits 1.85
million signatures in recall effort

Soldier barricaded inside armory
at Maryland National Guard site

U.S. Supreme Court rejects challenge
to Seattle minimum wage law

U.S. says Iraq's PM in 'strong
position' amid political unrest

VW, UAW officials to meet on
labor dispute at Tennessee plant

Ecuador names Icaza
as new oil minister

New Chicago high-rise will be city's
biggest Chinese property deal

Saudi minister confirms warning
on proposed U.S. law on 9/11

FBI arrests man, thwarts
possible attack on Jewish target

Emotional return as first U.S.
cruise in decades reaches Cuba

One person killed by rocket
fire in Turkey's Kilis: source

Kerry aims to extend truce to
Syria's Aleppo as ceasefire unravels

Conservatives in Congress
urge shutdown of IRS

Baker Hughes tries to reassure
investors as Halliburton deal fails

Pakistan raps Trump over vow to free
doctor who helped track bin Laden

Uber drivers in New York
form labor association

Turkey says prevented 85 security
'incidents' since January

Israel to reopen second
crossing for trucks into Gaza

Atlantic City, N.J., avoids
default on bond payment

Prisoners revolt in Syria's Hama jail,
seize guards: Syrian Observatory

New York businesses to cut trash
by half in 'Zero Waste' plan

Clinton courts coal-country unions
with eye toward fighting Trump

Italian marine Salvatore
Girone can return home: India

Investors may have profited from
leaked U.S. data: ECB research paper

Indiana puts Donald Trump?s
evangelical support to test

Student dead after shooting at
New Jersey fraternity house

U.S. cruise ship pulls into
Havana on historic Cuba voyage

ECB has not sought
access to Panama Papers

Still no will found for Prince as
Minnesota court opens probate process

Bodies of famed American climbers
Lowe, Bridges found in Himalayas

Go team! Top court to hear
cheerleader uniform copyright case

Nearly 90,000 unaccompanied minors
sought asylum in EU in 2015

Ukraine energy firms turn to
arbitrator over Crimea losses

Swiss intelligence monitoring online
activity of 400 possible jihadists

Clinton begins Appalachia tour
in Trump-friendly coal country

Hague court says India should
release Italian sailor: Italy

Turkish PM loses authority over party
appointments in boost to Erdogan

Detroit public schools shut with
teachers in 'sickout' protest over pay

Second European-Russian mission
to Mars delayed to 2020

German establishment rounds on
anti-immigration party over Islam

South Korea warns of risk North
may abduct citizens abroad

Far-right crimes rise sharply
in Austria amid migrant crisis

Bombs in Baghdad kill 14,
including some Shi'ite pilgrims

China probes search engine
Baidu over student's death

Unloved Hollande
courts the French anew

Kerry sees hope of extending
truce to Syria's Aleppo

Hopes fade for survivors in Kenyan
building collapse: Red Cross

Big bargains entice Warren
Buffett fans on Berkshire weekend

Minnesota court to begin process
of unraveling Prince's fortune

Clinton, looking ahead to general
election, begins Appalachia tour

Warren Buffett says doesn't try to
profit from central bank moves: CNBC

Sluggish factory activity sets
global tone for second quarter

Denmark extends controls on
German border until June 2

Indiana to test Donald Trump?s
staying power with evangelicals

Hundreds promoting independence
detained in Indonesia's Papua

Reckitt Benckiser executive slapped in South
Korea while apologizing for deadly sterilizers

Japan to support Mekong countries
with $7 billion over three years

Australian Craig Wright says
he is bitcoin creator: BBC

ITER nuclear fusion project faces
new delay, cost overrun: Les Echos

Kerry says getting closer to an
understanding on Syria ceasefire

Drones, Turkish artillery hit Islamic
State in Syria, 34 dead: military

Kuwait freedoms make austerity
drive tricky for government

Islamic State targets struck in Syria,
34 militants killed: Turkish military

Asia's factories stay sluggish,
stimulus lacks traction

Five Seattle police injured, nine
people arrested after May Day marches

China airs two more confessions
by Taiwan fraud suspects

As oil plows through $45 a barrel,
U.S. producers rush to lock in prices

Halliburton and Baker Hughes
scrap $28 billion merger

Seattle police clash with protesters
following May Day marches

Wary of China's Indian Ocean activities,
U.S., India discuss anti-submarine warfare

South Korea revives GPS backup project
after blaming North for jamming

Brazil's Rousseff ups social
spending as Senate ruling looms

May Day rally in Los Angeles
features strong anti-Trump theme

Egyptian police raid press
syndicate, arrest two journalists

Puerto Rico declares moratorium on
Government Development Bank's debt

Derailed train in Washington leaks
hazardous chemical, disrupts rail service

Islamic State boosts attacks in
response to territorial losses: IHS

Kerry says hopes for progress on
Syria ceasefire in Geneva talks

French far-right veteran Le Pen predicts
daughter's failure in elections

Suspected Islamic State suicide bomber kills
two police in southeast Turkey: sources

Bomb attack in southeast Turkey wounds
10 troops, Kurdish militants suspected

Puerto Rico faces default as
governor plans to address island

Bergdahl defense can access
classified information, court rules

Eyeing an Indiana victory,
Trump says, 'It's over'

Cash-flush California GOP allows
chairman to seek third term

Connecticut governor honored
for welcoming Syrian refugees

'It's over,' Trump says,
eyeing victory in Indiana

Rousseff says opponents plotting
to water down Brazil labor laws

France, U.S. target Islamic
State with two strikes in Iraq

Hooded youths clash with
police in Paris over labor law

Colombia captures alleged Peruvian
drug trafficker 'Caracol'

German official denies report on
foreign policy shift on Israel

Kurdish militants claim suicide
bombing in Turkey's Bursa: website

Iraqi protesters end Green Zone
sit-in for now after issuing demands

Saudi Arabia kills two militant
suspects in southwest, arrests third

Kazakh leader evokes Ukraine
as land protests spread

Pope condemns pedophilia as details
of girl's death shock Italy

Iraqis camped out in Baghdad's
Green Zone announce withdrawal

Malia Obama headed to Harvard,
will take gap year first

BBC News
NY Times News