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Reality vs Human Nature
We often hear that “reality has a well-known liberal bias.” Public opinion, on the other hand, has a well-known bias in favor of ignorance and jingoism. The truth is usually evident, but will not be accepted until much later. This is especially true when the truth turns out to be unpleasant or (even worse) expensive.
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Cached Sep 2, 2014, 5:12 pm (all times Eastern US)
Reuters News
Three killed, two injured
in Kansas City shooting

Canada, China quietly hold
top-level meeting on strained ties

Suspect in Massachusetts child-porn
bust had arsenal, 'murder book': FBI

Ex-owner of Poconos resort ordered
to pay back former employee pensions

Appeals court grills U.S.
lawyer on NSA phone collection

Jury begins deliberations in corruption
trial of Virginia ex-governor

Two ex-U.S. senators to lobby
for sanctioned Russian bank

Girl who fatally shot Arizona gun
instructor said weapon was too powerful

Mississippi woman gets life sentence
in fatal buttocks injection case

Key hearing on Detroit's historic
bankruptcy begins in federal court

U.S. Navy delays start of bidding
for unmanned carrier-based drone

Arizona death row inmate charged
with murder in 1991 Utah killing

Florida judge in Casey Anthony
trial returns to private practice

U.S. military may move Niger
drone base to Sahara desert city

Home Depot says probing 'unusual
activity' after data breach report

Six Cubans land in Texas after
drifting across Gulf of Mexico

Dutchman praised for MH17 crash
handling in race for top EU job

Japan's Abe to co-opt rival, draft
more women in cabinet reshuffle

Judge orders immediate release from
Spanish jail of ill British boy's parents

South Carolina boy sues over makeup
removal for driver's license photo

Yemen's Houthis reject government
move to quell protests

Judge denies hold-out Detroit
creditor motions to block evidence

U.S. appeals court upholds
Indiana's right-to-work law

Most NYC voters welcome 2016
Democratic Convention: poll

Pentagon: death of al Shabaab leader
in U.S. strike would be major blow

Islamic state issues video
of beheading of U.S. hostage

New York's Evans Bank accused of
denying loans to African-Americans

Texas voter ID trial
opens in U.S. court

Amtrak asks for probe of Illinois
line delays on CN Rail track

Manufacturing, construction data
point to sturdy U.S. growth

Tray Vous recalls stroller trays
because of strangulation risk

Report blames coal ash for
cancers at Pennsylvania prison

African leaders seek fund
to fight militant groups

Securing release of Americans held in
North Korea a top priority: White House

Ukraine rebels say they are poised
to recapture Donetsk airport

U.S. missionary doctor in Liberia
tests positive for Ebola: group

Polar bear DNA found from tracks
in snow, in conservation step

New York driver chains neck to pole,
hits gas pedal, gets decapitated

Photos of alleged 9/11 '20th
hijacker' can stay classified: court

EU's new leadership trio
may surprise on upside

Last call at Atlantic City's Revel: a
few bettors, $5 bottles, state cops

Relatives of captured Iraqi soldiers
storm parliament: witnesses

Bullish U.S. manufacturing, construction
data bolster growth outlook

Florida-bound Delta flight diverted
over reclining seat dispute

U.S. military strike in Somalia
targeted al Shabaab leader

EU proposes tough sanctions on
Moscow as Ukraine rebels advance

Israel raises alarm over Islamist
militants on its frontiers

Brazil squanders oil bonanza even
as Rousseff declares victory

Scientists use E.coli bacteria to
create fossil fuel alternative

Tax-evasion trial of New York
Congressman Grimm set for December 1

Syrian forces escalate assault
on rebel-held Damascus district

Convicted bomber faces immigration
fraud charges in Detroit

Landmine kills four U.N. soldiers,
wounds 15 in northern Mali

Russian forces strengthening
positions in Ukraine: Kiev military

British parliament rejects Chinese
call to halt Hong Kong democracy probe

Liberia doctors strike, U.N. warns
of food shortages due to Ebola

Saudi Arabia says it arrests 88
for preparing 'terrorist' raids

U.S. factory activity expands in August
at fastest pace since April 2010: Markit

Exclusive: 'Back to normal' for
AstraZeneca CEO, despite Pfizer rumors

Putin orders building hastened
at new Russian spaceport

Police search for 17 teens who
escaped Tennessee detention center

End of Gaza war doesn't
translate into peace

Hamas popularity surges as
Palestinian rivalry flares

Dollar General sweetens Family
Dollar bid, may go hostile

Somali officials say U.S. struck
where al Shabaab were meeting

Pakistan parliament backs embattled
prime minister as crisis deepens

Attack on Egypt security convoy
kills 11 in Sinai: security sources

UK's fate in the balance as poll shows
record support for Scottish independence

South Korean military to press
homicide charges over latest death

Thai junta blocks rights
meeting in Bangkok

Scores killed as Boko Haram insurgents
overrun Nigerian town - sources

Record 4.1 million in Syria got
food aid in August, U.N. says

Afghan turmoil threatens NATO's
'mission accomplished' plans

Market-style reforms widen
racial divide in Cuba

Hong Kong pro-democracy group
says support fizzles: Bloomberg

Malaysian law professor charged
in crackdown on dissent

Philippines Congress dismisses
impeachment motions against Aquino

McDonald's to boost China supplier
audits after food safety scandal

Australia's Senate votes to repeal
mining tax in win for Abbott

Pakistan PM chairs joint parliament
session as crisis deepens

British rights activist faces
libel trial in Thailand

Poland's Tusk may step down as
early as September: spokeswoman

Ebola threatens food
security in West Africa: FAO

Doubts over Pakistan PM's appearance
in parliament as crisis deepens

Swedish opposition lead narrows in
poll ahead of September election

Australia to step up formal
partnership with NATO at summit

Eric Cantor to join investment
bank Moelis as vice chairman

Burger King has maneuvered to
cut U.S. tax bill for years

Insider traders in U.S. face longer
prison terms, Reuters analysis shows

Doubts over whether Detroit
bankruptcy plan gets job done

U.S. business lobby says concerned
China antitrust probes unfair

Fiji says Syrian rebels want
compensation, removal from terror list

Rights group slams Thai detention
of child migrants and refugees

Hong Kong police arrest 19
in pro-democracy scuffles

Fast-food workers to launch
intensified protests across U.S.

China replaces Communist Party leader in
coal-rich province amid 'corruption problem'

Tunisian deputy survives
assassination attempt

Ukraine accuses Russia of 'undisguised
aggression' as rebels advance

Lesotho PM calls for regional
peace force after 'coup': aide

California high school drops mascot
criticized by Arab-American group

U.S. forces carry out operation
against al-Shabaab in Somalia

Guantanamo detainee transfer to
Uruguay unlikely before vote: official

Actress Jennifer Lawrence contacts
authorities after nude photos hacked

Afghanistan expected to send
defense minister to NATO summit

Pro-independence Scots narrow gap
to victory ahead of vote: poll

Exclusive: From Seoul to Mexico City,
pressure mounts to ease U.S. oil export ban

Brazil's Silva looks
presidential, but not a shoo-in

Amid foreign crises, Obama takes
solace in U.S. economic turnaround

Iranians play role in breaking
IS siege of Iraqi town

Iran's Zarif 'quite optimistic'
of Iran nuclear agreement

Obama notifies Congress of ordering
air strikes in Iraq's Amerli

Detained Americans in
North Korea seek U.S. help

U.N. to send team to investigate
Islamic State crimes in Iraq

Cubans angered by new
consumer import restrictions

NATO to create new 'spearhead'
force to respond to crises

Nasty, brutish and artsy?
Neanderthal hashtag engraving found

Afghan talks on unity government
collapse; crisis deepens

Pricing is key for new heart
drugs challenging cheap generics

German euroskeptics chide
Merkel after state surge

Al Qaeda in Yemen executes three
'spies' for guiding drone strikes

Islamists in Iraq driving
large-scale atrocities: U.N.

Syrian army, rebels fight on
Golan where peacekeepers held

Battle lines drawn in struggle for
influence over Turkish judiciary

Libyan parliament reappoints PM as
government loses grip on ministries

UK's Osborne taking tougher
view on EU membership: report

Britain 'deplores' Israel
decision to claim West Bank land

Florida power utilities fear
return of ?Green Governor' Crist

U.S. inflation
bonds back in vogue

Factory activity in Europe, Asia
cools; demand lull a concern

After deadline, Iran says held
serious nuclear talks with IAEA

Japan and India vow to boost
strategic ties during summit

Libya's elected parliament asks Abdullah
al-Thinni to form new government: lawmaker

Central European PMIs point to
slowdown as sanctions hit sentiment

Philippines foils car-bomb
plot at airport, shopping mall

Bosnia police detain 13 Serb ex-soldiers,
police suspected of war crimes

Turkish foreign ministry summons
U.S. envoy over spying report

Britain to pass new laws to counter
homegrown Islamist fighters

Libyan government says has lost
control of most Tripoli ministries

Islamic State poses global
threat, Iraqi minister says

Both sides guilty of atrocities
in Iraq fight: U.N. debate

Fighting goes on near big Ukrainian
city, Poroshenko slams Russia

South Africa's Zuma leads talks
on Lesotho political crisis

Australia leans toward buying Japan
subs to upgrade fleet: sources

U.N. debate on Iraq hears of
atrocities committed by both sides

Three children stabbed to
death in Chinese school

Disruptive Hong Kong protests loom
after China rules out democracy

Top Chinese university warns against
criticizing Communist Party: journal

Pakistani protesters clash with
police, soldiers secure state TV

Foreign Minister Timmermans is Dutch
EU commissioner candidate: Dutch paper

North Korea tightens grip on
phone SIM cards used by tourists

Pakistani protesters push closer
to PM house, force TV off the air

Dozens of Turkish police detained
over 'anti-government plot': media

China gives Microsoft 20 days to
provide explanation in anti-trust probe

Fighting erupts between Syrian
army, rebels on Golan Heights

Clashes in Islamabad as
pressure mounts on PM to resign

China's AgBank chairman to assume
provincial party post: government website

Dozens arrested at Made in America
music festival in Los Angeles

Judge temporarily blocks law that could
close all Louisiana abortion clinics

Explosion fells building outside
Paris, killing at least four

NY storms end Electric Zoo music
festival, halt U.S. Open, delay flights

After unrest over shooting, Ferguson
police now wear body cameras

All five aboard small plane killed
in crash at Colorado airport

Israel claims West Bank land for possible
settlement use, draws U.S. rebuke

Celebrity chef Todd English charged
with intoxicated driving in New York

U.S. urges Israel to reverse planned
West Bank land appropriation

Rebels in Central African Republic
expel government ministers

U.N., Fiji say no word on location of
peacekeepers abducted in Golan Heights

Obama faces bipartisan criticism
over his foreign policy

Several Yemeni soldiers killed in
al Qaeda attacks in south Yemen

Jubilant Iraqi forces break
two-month siege of Amerli: officials

Putin calls for talks on east Ukraine
'statehood'; rebels fire on ship

Al Arabiya airs video of man it
says is British hostage in Yemen

Suicide bomber kills 37 in western
Iraq: police officers, medical official

Libyan armed faction takes over
U.S. embassy annex in Tripoli

As Islamic State fighters begin to
blend in, defeating them no easy matter

Grappling with history,
EU tests unity, new faces

Four members of suburban Chicago
family found shot to death

Pakistan PM still surrounded by
protesters after deadly clashes

Mogherini must win over doubters
as EU foreign policy chief

Thai ruler Prayuth gives top
cabinet posts to junta inner circle

Merkel's CDU wins Saxony state vote,
Eurosceptics surge: exit polls

France arrests suspected jihadist
minor before departure to Syria

Scottish nationalist leader dismisses
claim of sinister campaign tactics

Somali warlord agrees to talks,
boosts government peace efforts

U.S., foreign fighters in Syria pose
'very serious threat' to U.S.: lawmaker

Islamist rebels attack intelligence
site in Somalia, 12 killed

Aftershock hits
California's Napa Valley

Austrian conservatives pick
Schelling as finance minister

Israel says shoots down
drone over Golan Heights

Pakistani opposition to press on
with protests until Sharif resigns

Six soldiers dead in suspected
al Qaeda bombings in south Yemen

Lesotho's deputy premier in
charge after PM flees 'coup'

Iraqi forces, militias enter
besieged northern town: officials

Moscow, Kiev swap troops as Ukraine
port girds for pro-Russian assault

Iran says possible response to new
U.S. sanctions could not be 'pleasant'

Poll shows Britain's UKIP to win
parliamentary seat after lawmaker defection

Car bomber, gunmen attack security
site in Somali capital: police

Several Swiss banks pull out
of U.S. tax program: paper

China slams door shut on full
Hong Kong democracy in 2017 vote

Polls say Scotland will spurn
independence, but are they right?

Turkish deputy PM Babacan to maintain
oversight of economy: officials

Macau 're-elects' new leader as
authorities stifle democratic rumblings

U.S. planes strike militants
near Iraq's Amreli, airdrop aid

Fukushima fallout: Resentment
grows in nearby Japanese city

Fighter 'War Machine' sent to
Nevada to face assault charges

EU wields Russia sanctions
threat but timing vague

Sinkhole that proved popular at
Corvette Museum will be filled

Modi seeks Japan's help for
'inclusive vision' on first big trip

F-16s dispatched for unresponsive
pilot of small plane near D.C.

EU names Tusk, Mogherini to top
jobs, ready Russian sanctions

Six people die in fire at
North Carolina mobile home

Girl digging on Oregon beach dies
after sand hole collapses on her

Philippine peacekeepers rescued
from militants on Golan: U.N.

BBC News
NY Times News