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Angry with Barack Obama?
I get pretty disappointed, even angry with Obama because he has neither ended the wars nor closed Guantanamo, but then I have to remember how much I hated Lyndon Johnson for his horrible war in Vietnam. Because of the massive public reaction against that war, in 1968 Johnson did not run for a second full term in office.

But now we remember Lyndon Johnson as the president who moved the Civil Rights Act of 1965 through Congress, and signed it.

It’s true that Barack Obama isn’t the most popular president, and that he’s not helping other Democrats. Those are the unfortunate facts. But we can still hope that the legislation Obama and this Congress have passed will help the country over the long term.

—Ralph    |   |

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Cached Dec 22, 2014, 7:12 am (all times Eastern US)
Reuters News
Greek parliament vote in balance
after Samaras election offer

China to 'regulate'
foreign NGOs with new law

Spain's Princess Cristina to
stand trial on tax fraud charges

China condemns cyberattacks, but says
no proof North Korea hacked Sony

U.S. border guards shoot
Canadian man wielding gun

Man stages new protest on ledge
of St. Peter's in Vatican

China issues property registration
rules to aid anti-graft drive

Republicans weigh big changes
at U.S. budget referee agency

Court orders partner of
Sydney hostage-taker jailed

Australian house where eight
children killed to be demolished

French villa owned by ousted Chinese
politician Bo up for sale: report

Senior Chinese leader to visit
Vietnam amid sea tension

Maine man charged with killing
girlfriend, two children

China foreign minister says
willing to help Russia

China tells U.S. opposes all forms
of cyber attacks, 'terrorism'

Florida police officer dies on
duty after getting shot, run over

China arrests thousands in porn,
gambling crackdown: Xinhua

Syria says Israeli drone
downed in Quneitra

Invoking Allah, driver slams car
into pedestrians in eastern France

In wake of police killings,
New York officers on edge

Florida State quarterback Winston cleared
in conduct hearing into alleged rape

Obama to name Sally Yates as
pick for deputy attorney general

Iraqi Kurds, Yazidis fight Islamic
State for strategic town of Sinjar

Essebsi declares win in Tunisia
election, rival contests

Secular Essebsi claims
victory in Tunisian election

Young Cuban-American groups
emerge as Obama allies

South Africa's Zuma says in 'perfect'
health after post-election fatigue

Police officers' slaying raises
pressure on New York mayor

U.S. gas prices fall to lowest
since May 2009: Lundberg survey

Jordan hangs 11 after
eight-year death penalty freeze

Tunisia's Essebsi campaign
claims vote victory

Exclusive: Southwest's oil swap
trade waiver raises CFTC questions

Libya's official government targets
rival forces trying to seize ports

Economic issues whip up Israelis
in chocolate pudding election

Obama says Sony hack
not an act of war

Health minister named as Haiti's
new interim prime minister

Lawmaker calls for strong U.S. response
to Sony hack, including sanctions

Two N.Y. police officers slain
in apparent retribution attack

Four militants hanged in Pakistan
as execution campaign widens

U.S. firm finds malware targeting
visitors to Afghan government websites

Sudan rights group says raided
after opposition unity deal

Saudi Arabia says
won't cut oil output

Lawmaker says U.S. can make hard for
North Korea to cyber attack again

Uzbeks vote in elections expected to
reinforce Karimov's grip on power

Iran nuclear diplomat gets key
post as head of foreign oil deals

U.S.-led forces launch 13 air
strikes in Iraq, three in Syria

Obama says Putin presiding over
economic contraction: CNN interview

Obama vows 'do everything I can'
to close Guantanamo: CNN interview

Iohannis promises corruption
crackdown as new Romanian president

Lebanon says it needs French
helicopters quickly to fight jihadis

Greek PM offers 2015 election
once bailout talks complete

Obama does not consider Sony hack
an act of war: CNN interview

Egypt retires hardline
intelligence chief

South Korea prosecutors investigate
data leak at nuclear power plants

Egypt allows in travelers from
Gaza for first time since October

North Korea denies
hacking Sony

New leadership seeks to
rebuild EU self-confidence

As Ford closes, European
rust belt seeks new ideas

Gunman kills two New York police
officers in possible revenge attack

Russia growls across the border
as Lithuania readies for euro

Afghan Taliban decry 'biased' U.N.
report on civilian casualties

India Hindu group to press ahead on
conversions in challenge to PM Modi

Australian PM Abbott reshuffles
cabinet to focus on jobs, families

Australian mother charged
with murder of eight children

Australian defense minister
out in cabinet reshuffle

Gunman with possible revenge in
mind kills two NYC police officers

Two New York police officers
killed in ambush: commissioner

Protesters shut down part of
Mall of America in Minnesota

Tunisians vote in historic
presidential run-off

Liberian voter turnout low as
Ebola overshadows senate election

Yazidis cheer Kurds on Iraqi mountain
for breaking Islamic State siege

Saudi says security forces kill
four militants in Shi'ite village

Greek polls show anti-bailout
leftists still ahead but lead slips

Egypt charges captain, officer of
Kuwaiti ship with manslaughter

Child tests negative for
Ebola at Chicago hospital

Egypt's Sisi meets Qatari envoy,
signaling possible detente

Megabus rollover in Indiana
injures at least 28

Obama approves U.S. World War
One memorial in Washington

French police shoot dead
knife-wielding man in police station

Guy Harvey, marine artist and
environmentalist, fishes for growth

Ukraine to spend five percent of
2015 budget on defense and security

Scottish prosecutor says no reason
to doubt Lockerbie bomber's guilt

Egypt receives 10 Apache
helicopters from U.S.: sources

Sudan postpones April elections
by 11 days: elections committee

Video seems to show football's
Rice, future wife kiss after brawl

Cuba says U.S. must respect
its communist system

CIA unlikely to punish staff
over Senate computer search: NYT

Cuba's Castro says he will
attend Americas summit

Indian PM Modi's party unlikely to
form Jammu & Kashmir government: polls

Putin says Russia won't be
intimidated over Crimea

Cuba sees long struggle ahead
before U.S. lifts embargo

Zambia's ruling party mends rift to
make Lungu its presidential candidate

U.S. sends four Guantanamo
prisoners home to Afghanistan

Turkey's Erdogan 'closely following'
legal case against rival cleric

Ebola death toll in three African
countries hits 7,373: WHO

Saudi forces kill four militants
in Awamiya: interior ministry

India PM Modi's party distances
itself from religious conversions

Russia calls new sanctions on
Crimea 'collective punishment'

San Francisco prosecutor charges
deputy in hospital assault: report

Putin urges Russia's secret services
to tackle 'modern challenges'

North Korea proposes joint probe with
U.S. into Sony cyber attack: KCNA

Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits
Japan's Honshu island: USGS

China offers $3 billion in aid
and loans to neighbors: Xinhua

Bomb blast in Bahraini Shi'ite
village wounds three policemen

Italy's Renzi wins confidence
vote to pass budget in Senate

Seventy-four arrested in Milwaukee
during police shooting protest

Obama vows U.S. response to North
Korea over Sony cyberattack

NY police officer suspended
after new video shows brutality

American nurse exposed to
Ebola released from hospital

U.S. judge restores protections
to Great Lakes wolves

Cuban relatives of U.S. spy
in dark after news of release

Inspections prompt changes at
mismanaged Yellowstone, Yosemite jails

Protesters from both sides of
policing controversy face off in NYC

Remains of two infants found
in California storage locker

U.S. Supreme Court allows gay marriage
to proceed in Florida next month

Israel bombs Gaza militant base
after rocket hits southern Israel

Obama signs nearly $578 billion
defense bill for fiscal 2015

Kentucky county passes ordinance
that hits at power of unions

Ex-NYC councilman loses bid
for new corruption trial

Jerry Sandusky's pension appeal denied
but lawyer vows to keep fighting

Eight Colombian police, military
killed in guerrilla attacks

Oklahoma to again employ injection
mix used in flawed execution

How Syria policy stalled
under the 'analyst in chief'

Deportations from U.S. decline
in fiscal 2014: DHS report

Former Florida mayor sentenced to
prison for secret consulting job

Child is fourth to die from
California crash, driver charged

Parents of Colorado theater gunman
plead for son?s life to be spared

Obama's year-end message to
Americans: I'm not a lame duck

Missouri school regrets swapping
blind student's cane for foam tube

Staples says security breach may
have affected 1.16 million cards

NY woman who reported kidnap
charged with murdering cousin

Women rule at Obama
year-end press conference

Ferguson wants peace instead of
protests, but anger still simmers

Mother arrested for murder after
children found dead in Australian home

Cuba not returning to capitalism
despite U.S. deal: Castro's daughter

Obama to block exports of goods,
technology, services to Crimea

Friend of accused Boston bomber
pleads guilty to gun, drug charges

North Carolina judges uphold
GOP-drawn voting districts

Overseas tip led FBI to recover
stolen art worth up to $24 million

Turkish court issues arrest warrant for
U.S.-based Erdogan rival, media reports

Indiana stage collapse survivors
settle for $50 million: lawyers

Pennsylvania prosecutor to seek
death for couple in toddler's murder

Bulgaria approves pension
change despite coalition rift

China arrests U.S. missionary
near North Korea border

Influential Rabbi Harold Schulweis
dies at 89 in California

Judge orders review of leak on
accused Boston bomber's friend

Obama says normalization offers
best chance to influence Cuba

Obama says U.S. blacks better off
overall than when he began presidency

Obama says would veto any
weakening of consumer protections

ACLU seeks halt U.S. detentions of
immigrant families seeking asylum

Exclusive: GM develops contingency
plans in case Takata recalls widen

Obama: Keystone benefits for
U.S. consumers, workers nominal

Bouteflika's mental ability intact,
will continue in power: party chief

Obama says does not anticipate
overnight changes in Cuba

Obama says Cuba relationship not
at stage where he would visit

U.S. offers reward for poacher who
shot bald eagle in Connecticut

U.S. blames North Korea for Sony
cyber attack, vows 'consequences'

Man allegedly used Ponzi scheme
proceeds to freeze deceased wife

Surprised U.S. lobbyists push quick
2015 terrorism insurance renewal

California's winter storms spark hope
for recovery from three-year drought

Potential U.S. Republican 2016
contenders spar over Cuba policy

Exclusive: Iran's support for
Syria tested by oil price drop

Russia condemns new
U.S. sanctions bill

Pakistan hangs two militants
after Taliban school massacre

Iraqi Kurds claim more territory
after breaking siege of Sinjar

Nine migrants drown off
the coast of Morocco

Gold tooth lands in Missouri
Salvation Army kettle

Civilian deaths in Afghanistan
war reach new high in 2014: U.N.

Russia says deeply disappointed
Obama signed new sanctions bill

Washington state middle school
closed for third day over threats

Convicted leader of New Jersey's Conrail
Boyz faces new rail theft charges

Cuba's Raul Castro steps out of brother's
shadow with U.S. deal, support surges

Hagel could be briefed Friday on
Bergdahl investigation: Pentagon

Five dead, dozens ill from
bacteria linked to caramel apples

U.S. swimmer Phelps sentenced to 18
months probation for drunken driving

Turkish sociologist acquitted
of 1998 blast for fourth time

Pope's Latin American brains
trust was behind Cuba deal

Washington is limited in its response
to North Korea over Sony hack

FBI concludes North Korean government
responsible for Sony cyber attack

Boy found dead in New York after
false kidnap report, police say

U.N. urges Pakistan to refrain
from resuming executions

U.S. court backs $2.1 million
copyright award for song 'Whoomp!'

Fifteen U.S.-led air strikes target
Islamic State militants: task force

Child under observation at Chicago
hospital to rule out Ebola

Swiss campaign seeks to make
amends for 'contract child' labor

Rebels say new Ukraine peace talks
will not take place on Sunday: IFX

North Korea behind Sony hack, with
possible China link: U.S. official

Consumers can sue Target
Corp over data breach: judge

U.S. House Speaker sets January
20th for Obama speech to Congress

France's Hollande and pro-reform
allies get poll boost

Two deaths in Minnesota tied to
tainted caramel apples: officials

EU leaders prepare for long
confrontation with Russia

Former Chrysler Group recalling
pickups for possible loose fastener

Libya's two biggest oil ports were
not damaged during clashes: workers

Russian prosecutors want ten years
in jail for Kremlin foe Navalny

Exclusive: India looks to sway Americans
with nuclear power insurance plan

Turkey says training of Syrian
opposition may start before March

Iran honors nuclear deal with
powers, IAEA report shows

Tunisia's old regime hopes
makeover can win it the election

Vietnam rescues trapped
workers after four-day ordeal

Ten years on, tsunami survivors
in Indonesia hope to move on

Pakistan's most hated man:
volleyball player, child killer

Europe recommends approval
for first stem-cell therapy

Turkey keeps media executive
in custody on terrorism charge

Russia invites North Korean
leader to Moscow for May visit

Most Catalans would vote
to stay in Spain: poll

Guardian of New Hampshire's presidential
primary ready for another round

In North Dakota, countdown looms
for $5.3 billion oil tax break

Lawyers for two friends of accused
Boston bombers due in court

Japanese activist challenges
secrets law with whistleblower tool

BBC News
NY Times News