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National Emergency of May 2003, Still in Effect
From Executive Order 13303 of May 22, 2003:
I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, find that the threat of attachment or other judicial process against the Development Fund for Iraq, Iraqi petroleum and petroleum products, and interests therein, and proceeds, obligations, or any financial instruments of any nature whatsoever arising from or related to the sale or marketing thereof, and interests therein, obstructs the orderly reconstruction of Iraq, the restoration and maintenance of peace and security in the country, and the development of political, administrative, and economic institutions in Iraq. This situation constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States and I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat.

From Executive Order Blocking Property of Certain Persons Who Threaten Stabilization Efforts in Iraq, July 17, 2007
I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, find that, due to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States posed by acts of violence threatening the peace and stability of Iraq and undermining efforts to promote economic reconstruction and political reform in Iraq and to provide humanitarian assistance to the Iraqi people, it is in the interests of the United States to take additional steps with respect to the national emergency declared in Executive Order 13303 of May 22, 2003, and expanded in Executive Order 13315 of August 28, 2003, and relied upon for additional steps taken in Executive Order 13350 of July 29, 2004, and Executive Order 13364 of November 29, 2004.

See? Bush doesn’t have to do anything out of the ordinary to activate his dictatorial powers, because they are already activated. Bush can just continue issuing unilateral decrees under the existing state of emergency.

The only possible remedy is impeachment.

—Ralph    |   |

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Cached May 6, 2016, 6:12 pm (all times Eastern US)
Reuters News
Trump dips toe into delicate
U.S. debt discussion

Exclusive: Chicago schools evade
'financial difficulty' label from state

Man shot along Interstate 94
in Detroit, motive unknown

Two charged in killing
of New Jersey student

U.S. traders reject GMO crops
that lack global approval

Officer arrested after three killed
in Washington-area shooting spree

Oklahoma lawmakers pass bill
to reduce feral hog population

Berkshire operating profit
falls short, book value rises

Before massive Bangladesh heist, New
York Fed feared such cyber attacks

Former presidential rival Jeb Bush
says he will not vote for Trump

Treading cautiously,
House's Ryan to meet Trump

LED-lit pigeons illuminate
New York skies in art exhibit

New York man found in bay wearing
cement shoes was asphyxiated

Harvard to ban members of single-sex
clubs from leadership roles

Former East German dictator Honecker's
widow dies in Chile: local media

Three Red Cross staff kidnapped
in Congo are free: ICRC

Obama tells Trump: 'This
is not a reality show'

Suspect arrested in Washington-area
shootings that killed three

Florida mom, shot by four-year-old,
won't face charges over gun

Machinist union recommends strike
at Triumph over contract offer

Turkish journalists jailed for five
years, hours after courthouse attack

Turkish soldiers kill five people trying
to enter Syria to join Islamic State

Retired circus elephants
begin new life at Florida

Nailed it: scientists describe
weird ancient hammerhead reptile

Shootings at two Maryland shopping
centers kill two, wound two

Ryan invites Trump to meet with House
Republican leaders Thursday: CNBC

Labour's Khan becomes first Muslim
mayor of London after bitter campaign

Panama Papers source breaks silence,
denies being a spy: Sueddeutsche Zeitung

Convoy leads Canada fire evacuees
through burning city to safety

Small U.S. military team in Yemen
to aid UAE push on al Qaeda

Sumner Redstone's defiance gets
judge's attention at trial

Florida mother shot by young son
in gun accident to avoid charge

Egypt gives Italy phone
records of union chief: source

China takes first step in $1 billion
pledge to U.N. to fund peace, development

Redstone says he kicked
ex-girlfriend out of house, life

Russia says U.S.-Georgian military
exercises could destabilize Caucasus

Turkish court sentences journalists
for revealing state secrets

Irish finance minister
Noonan re-appointed

Labour's Khan elected
mayor of London: Sky News

Former Republican presidential hopeful
Graham: won't back Trump or Clinton

Shelling kills four at rally
in Libya's Benghazi: source

U.S. anti-hunger group uses playful
campaign to fool and educate

Brazil Senate committee votes
for Rousseff to stand trial

EU Referendum Scorecard: Trump backs
Brexit, Japan says don't take the plunge

Trump tries to rally wary
Republicans with Clinton attacks

Obama: new tax rule will fight
corruption, help economy

Greeks strike as new reforms
loom on tax and pensions

Tunisian woman kidnapped in Yemen
appeals for release in video

Redstone trial over mental
competence begins with expletives

Obama says global economy not
growing as fast as it should be

Russia's Lavrov: U.S. must give us legal
guarantee over Asian anti-missile system

Kerry jabs at Trump, warns against
isolationism in Boston speech

Obama urges scrutiny of Trump's
record: 'This is not entertainment'

Clinton more likely to win U.S.
presidency than Trump: PredictIt

Convoy of stranded residents speed
through fire-ravaged Fort McMurray

Escapee from New Jersey psychiatric
hospital still eludes manhunt

Pakistan's tribal councils in
spotlight after brutal 'honor killing'

Job market slowdown, rising
wages may fit Fed's playbook

China to expand bilingual
schooling in Xinjiang: Xinhua

Mother charged for abusing toddlers who
were found tied up in Texas backyard

Three victims shot at Maryland
mall, suspect at large: police

Death toll from Kenyan
building collapse reaches 42

Lawmaker in India's Goa charged with
buying, drugging and raping teen girl

Paterno son denies new allegations
about his late father in Sandusky case

Helicopters lead convoy through
fire-ravaged Fort McMurray

Colombia to use air bombing
raids against crime gangs

Romanian ex-president being investigated
on suspicion of money laundering

'Russian Rambo', hero of Kremlin's
Syria campaign, buried with pomp

Japan ambassador takes veiled swipe
at Trump's 'America First' stance

Obama to deliver statement
on the economy: White House

Brazil's Rousseff vows to fight
as Senate committee mulls trial

Assailant tries to shoot prominent
Turkish journalist outside court

North Korean leader hails nuclear
success in opening congress

Philippine president urges 'united
front' against maverick candidate

Trump sharpens attack on Clinton
as he seeks to unite party

Syria denies targeting camps,
U.N. condemns "murderous attacks"

Irish prime minister secures
re-election after 10-week stalemate

Netanyahu to host seminar on
Jewish history for U.N. diplomats

Turkey's Erdogan rebuffs EU on terrorism
law; 'we're going our way, you go yours.'

Saudi wanted over August bombing of Asir province
mosque killed in raid: interior ministry

So far, foreign reporters in Pyongyang
see sights, but not main show

Greek PM urges Syriza lawmakers
to approve pension reform bill

Ireland's Kenny re-elected PM
as head of minority government

Turkey's Erdogan lashes out at EU on
terror laws, says 'We will go our way'

No gap in Turkey's governance after
premier bows out, Erdogan says

U.S. employment gains hit
seven-month low, labor force shrinks

Italian prosecutor probes Deutsche
Bank for possible market manipulation

Resource-rich Venezuela struggles
to keep lights, taps on

Helicopters, trucks set to remove
thousands north of Canadian wildfire

Security forces shut down Baghdad
to prevent Green Zone protests

JC Penney cuts employee hours
after 'expense challenge': NY Post

Kenyan businessman shot dead,
opposition sees political motive

U.S. payrolls gain in April
smallest in seven months

Tajik court says Islamic
State plot targeted president

Mozambique's tuna fleet rusts as
an African success story fades

Hamas says does not want war but
will not allow Israeli incursions

U.S., allies conduct 24 strikes
against Islamic State: statement

Afghan special forces raid
frees 60 prisoners from Taliban

Saudi policeman shot dead in Mecca area
after Islamic State raid: SPA agency

Britain's Labour take hit in regional
elections, leads in London mayor race

South Africa will no longer
have power cuts: President Zuma

Pope rebukes 'weary' Europe,
says migrants not criminals

Germany expects Turkey to stick
to EU migrant deal after PM quits

Trump says Britain would
be better off outside EU

Italy rescues nearly 1,800
migrants in Mediterranean

Suicide bomb kills seven in Yemeni
city of Marib: police sources

Podemos seen losing support ahead
of Spanish election repeat: survey

Philippine presidential candidate
Poe not withdrawing from election

Italy clamps down on destitute refugee
squatters with eviction notices

Mother of Thai anti-junta activist
charged with insulting monarchy

In India's slums, domestic workers'
daughters campaign for their rights

Repair shutdowns expected to be
announced for Washington DC subway

Philippine court halts rare TV attack
ad showing kids against Duterte

Trump, under pressure to unite
Republicans, sharpens attack on Clinton

Redstone competence trial to
start with mogul's testimony

Secretive North Korea hails nuclear
program as it opens party congress

Turkish warplanes destroy PKK targets
in northern Iraq: military sources

Deutsche Bank says cooperating with Italian
authorities on bond sale investigation

Exclusive: Apple's Tim Cook to visit
China for government meetings - source

India's Congress rallies in
show of defiance against Modi

EU expects cooperation from subsequent Turkish
government to finish migration, visa deals

Early signs from new Ukraine
government encouraging says IMF

China says South China Sea criticism
could rebound like coiled spring

Islamist rebels seize village
near Aleppo, 73 killed: monitor

Afghan president moves acting
defense minister to head spy agency

SpaceX rocket launches satellite,
then lands on ship at sea

Canadian wildfire edges south,
leaves thousands stranded

Singapore, Australia expand military
cooperation in $1.7 billion deal

SpaceX rocket blasts off from Florida
on satellite delivery mission

Good U.S. payrolls gains seen, but
swelling labor force to cap wage growth

Exclusive: U.S. seeks to approve attack
aircraft for Nigeria in Boko Haram fight

Australia to compensate charity wrongly
accused over refugees' self-harm protests

Facebook loses first round in
suit over storing biometric data

Britain's Labour slip in local polls,
heaping pressure on leader Corbyn

North Korea kicks off rare party
congress with 'miraculous results'

UK's Labour Party losing ground
in local and regional elections

Exclusive: Top reason Americans will
vote for Trump: 'To stop Clinton' - poll

Colorado city to pay restitution
to poor jailed in 'debtor prison'

Canadian wildfire grows tenfold,
forces more evacuations

Panama-based Balboa Bank & Trust
seized following U.S. probe

Chagrined anti-Trump Republicans seek
to recruit third-party candidate

Republican House Speaker Ryan
not ready to support Trump

Ex-sanitation worker guilty of
'Grim Sleeper' Los Angeles murders

Maryland gunman kills woman, wounds
man offering aid at high school

Brazil Supreme Court removes
lower house speaker Cunha

For Derby hopefuls, owning
horse like owning team

Planning officials hear outline
for higher White House fence

Clause celebre: Taiwan leader must
convince China she's no 'splittist'

Philippine fishermen favor strong
president to end China's blockade

Obama, Mexican president discuss
immigration, anti-drugs fight: White House

News Corp's quarterly revenue falls
7.3 percent, profit hit by charge

Air strikes hit camp in Syria,
U.S. condemns Assad statement

Former Texas Gov. Perry endorses Trump,
says open to running mate role: CNN

Top elected Republican
not ready to back Trump

Senators urge regulators to ID vehicles
with possible faulty Takata air bags

One dead, one wounded in Maryland
high school shooting: police

Congo opposition leader denies
hiring foreign mercenaries

U.S. counter-spy chief cuffs
driver who rammed restaurant

New York City gives nod to
5-cent charge for store bags

Obama commutes sentences of
58 non-violent drug convicts

Former Texas policeman released
after serving 21 years for rape

FBI likely to interview Clinton
soon in emails probe: CNN

North Carolina lawmaker dismisses
U.S. deadline to change bathroom law

Illinois Senate votes for $454
million higher-education package

Trump's taco tweet baffles,
riles social media users

Los Angeles jury convicts
accused 'Grim Sleeper' killer

Lockheed wins $424 million contract for
radar emitter simulation products: Pentagon

FBI has interviewed Clinton aides
in emails investigation: CNN

U.S. officials aim to recover El Faro
data recorder in next few months

Cleveland man convicted
of murdering three women

Nigeria's Buhari urges other nations
to speed up recovery of stolen money

Sexual assault in U.S. military
is underreported: official

House Speaker Ryan says he is
not ready to endorse Trump: CNN

Iraqi PM vows to prevent another Green
Zone breach, sacks security chief

Manhunt under way for escapee from
New Jersey psychiatric hospital

Convicted child molester Sandusky
granted hearing on appeal

U.S. cracks down on e-cigarettes
and cigars, bans sales to minors

Trump adds fundraising chief,
policy details to White House run

Not over yet: Reid cautions Democrats
relishing Trump election battle

Peru's Kuczynski says investors
eager to finance infrastructure

Depression reigns as EU presidents
debate future of Europe

Obama commutes prison
sentences of 58 people

Texas attorney general questions
Target's transgender bathroom policy

Militants attack Chevron platform
in Nigeria's oil-rich Niger Delta

Air strikes on camp for displaced
Syrians kill 28, monitor says

Pennsylvania woman sues estate of teen
who fell on her from 8th floor window

After jokey start, Canadian PM
Trudeau promises wildfire help

U.S. embassy in Kabul
warns of kidnap threat

Democrats must guard against
over-confidence in U.S. elections: Reid

Eyeing White House campaign, Trump hires
fundraising head, details economic plans

Washington subway to face partial
shutdowns in repair surge: report

Five-cent bags eyed for consumers
as New York City looks to cut waste

Primate fate: Chinese fossils
illuminate key evolutionary period

White House says Congress has no reason to
wait until after Nov election to take up TPP

London mayor may be Labour's lone
bright spot in local elections

Fire crews battle blaze at Houston
hazardous materials warehouse

Prosecutor removes herself from
Chicago cop's murder trial

'Trump of the East' widens lead in
last poll before Philippine vote

Protesters arrested in Uganda
ahead of Museveni's swearing-in

Prince had painkiller Percocet
in his system: reports

Republican Trump's new finance chair
previously donated to Democrats

Ex-Venezuela parliament head
sues News Corp over drug article

Republicans grapple with whether
to back Trump for White House

FCC backs Charter purchase of Time
Warner Cable, Bright House: sources

Iraq PM orders probe after Amnesty
report on detention centers

Unrelenting fire forces more evacuations
in Canadian oil sands region

Scottish isle a world away from
fireworks of native son Trump

Italy, Germany agree on immigration
policy, but not on financing

Michigan lawmakers push forward $500
million package for Detroit schools

Britain's 'In' campaign leads by 4
percent points: JPMorgan poll analysis

Florida Supreme Court weighs
unconstitutional death sentences

French President Hollande's ratings
at new low as he eyes re-election bid

Truce takes hold in Aleppo
but fighting rages nearby

Saudi security operation kills
Islamic State fighters outside Mecca

One dead after rockets hits Turkish
border town: security sources

In Beirut vote, old
parties face new challenge

Irish parliament to vote on
re-electing PM Kenny on Friday

'No boots on the ground' has its limits
as U.S. Navy SEAL is killed in Iraq

Trump fleshes out economic ideas
after rivals exit White House race

Striking union workers protest
at Verizon shareholder meeting

Republican candidate Trump
names national finance chairman

Several wounded after rockets hit residential
area in Turkish border town: official

Irish foreign minister says
no deal yet on new government

Alibaba's revenue soars,
but new ventures hit profit

Japan PM Abe says would like
Russia's Putin to visit Japan

Italy PM Renzi's ally, Tiscali
head, convicted of tax evasion

Automakers, states urge White House
to reject plan to open spectrum

Nepal crisis averted as
Maoists remain in coalition

Medical aid group pulls out of
'fig-leaf' U.N. humanitarian summit

Greek parliament to vote on tax, pension
reforms before Eurogroup meeting

No wedding tents for child
marriages, Indian suppliers vow

Kenyan rescuers free woman
trapped under rubble for six days

FDA sets minimum sales age of
18 for e-cigarettes, cigars

New evacuations around fire-struck
Fort McMurray in energy heartland

South African opposition parties
boycott Zuma speech in parliament

U.S. jobless claims rise;
planned layoffs surge

Despite sanctions and isolation,
Pyongyang skyline grows

Senator McCain says Trump would
hurt own re-election bid: Politico

Al Qaeda militants begin to leave
two Yemeni towns: residents

Turkish PM Davutoglu bows out as
Erdogan aims at stronger presidency

Israel says found second Hamas
tunnel from Gaza since 2014 war

Trump wants to help U.S. businesses
by lifting slew of regulations: CNBC

Watchdog finds much larger Catholic
influence on U.S. hospitals

UK PM Cameron says Trump policy on
Muslims is wrong, will not apologize

Burundi police say 450 people killed
in political violence in past year

Labour set to recapture London
after bitter mayoral campaign

Cooler weather for fire-struck Fort
McMurray, after more evacuations

Alibaba's revenue rises 39 percent
as more shoppers buy online

People die, shooting rages at night,
amid spluttering Nagorno-Karabakh truce

Libya output could fall within days if
Hariga dispute continues: NOC Tripoli

Islamic State militants seize
gas field in eastern Syria

Kenyan rescuers race to free
woman from building rubble

Raging fire threatens to reduce Fort
McMurray to ashes, engulf airport

Syrian whose plight went viral
finds refuge in Spanish soccer

Israeli general assailed for Nazi
comparison on Holocaust memorial day

Abortion provider Planned Parenthood
sues Kansas over plan to cut funding

Trump's deportation plan could
slice 2 percent off U.S. GDP: study

With prospective change of premier, Turkey's
Erdogan aims at stronger presidency

Kremlin to NATO: Resurgent Russia not a
threat, but will defend its interests

Europe to urgently assess
risk of drones hitting planes

Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia to
coordinate against militant pirates

China protests at U.S. accusations
of abuse of religious groups

Philippines' Poe vows to thwart
'executioner' Duterte, won't quit race

Rights group asks Nepal to probe
complaints of abuse over charter protests

Malaysia's scandal-hit Najib seeks
big win in Borneo state polls

Nauru urges calm among desperate
asylum seekers after self-immolations

Turkey won't hold election after ruling
party changes leader: presidential adviser

Finishing touches in North Korea
capital ahead of rare party meeting

China and Russia to hold anti-missile
drill after U.S., South Korea talk defense

Bangladesh Islamist party
leader to hang for war crimes

City where Soviet workers rose
up stays calm in Russian crisis

Islamic State rockets hit Turkish
town, wounding one person

U.S. bullet train proposals shun
public funds, favor private cash

Don't let screech of bombs shatter
laws of war: Red Cross lawyer

Trump supporters see Iraqi, Syrian
refugees as major threat: report

China's military deploys its
first corruption inspectors

Judge says Clinton may have
to testify in email lawsuit

Chicago teachers sidestep strike
date, tout $502 million funding plan

Case dropped against Arizona student
facing charges for yearbook prank

Mexico justice reform needs 11
years to fully take hold: study

Australian Islamic State recruiter
killed in U.S. strike in Iraq

Clinton calls Trump a 'loose
cannon,' risky choice for president

California raises age to
purchase tobacco to 21

Can aid reform end Ethiopia's
repeated hunger emergencies?

Pot legalization supporters
launch California ballot campaign

Stubborn Shanghai residents
hold a line drawn in rubble

Tesla puts pedal to the metal,
500,000 cars planned in 2018

As mayor, Philippines' 'Trump
of the East' wooed business

Epic wildfire threatens to engulf
Canadian city as 88,000 flee

Connecticut readies austerity budget
vote, aims to cut around $1 billion

Alabama city abandons law
targeting transgender bathroom use

Trump expects to raise $1 billion
with Republican Party: NBC

Obama sips Flint water, urges
children be tested for lead

Quarterback Manziel booked by
Texas police on assault charge

U.S. tech firms urge presidential candidates
to embrace trade, high-tech visas

Trump says he could make cabinet
announcements before convention: Fox News

North Carolina transgender law
violates civil rights law: U.S.

South Carolina Gov. Haley says 'not
interested' in being vice president

U.S., Russia agree to
extend truce to Aleppo

Trump, lone survivor in Republican
White House race, now must unify party

Turkish ruling party preparing to
replace PM Davutoglu: officials

Thousands of Egyptian journalists
demand sacking of interior minister

California teens abducted after
prom but break free from captor

Social service groups sue Illinois
for $100 million over unpaid work

Cleveland man did not plan
murders, lawyers tell jury

Peru's Fujimori would lift annual
growth rate to 5-6 percent: adviser

Tesla advances 500,000 unit
production plan to 2018

Approval of Venezuelan leader
drops as crisis bites: poll

Obama sips water in Flint,
tells residents it is safe

Rousseff's woes mount as Brazilian
senator backs impeachment trial

Families sue Illinois school district
over transgender bathroom case

New Mexico man faces charges in
kidnapping, slaying of Navajo girl

'Y'all ruined my life,' says man,
killing co-worker, self in Texas

U.S., Takata confirm recall of 35
million-40 million Takata air bag inflators

Israeli, Palestinian violence
flares along Gaza border

Egypt hands over phones records
to Italian investigators: source

Flint official cuts deal in water
crisis, agrees to aid prosecutors

Two Tesla executives leaving
ahead of Model 3 ramp-up

Raging wildfire forces evacuation
of 88,000 in Canadian city

Maverick Mexico governor tips
Trump to win U.S. presidency

Obama: Filtered water in Flint is
safe for kids over 6 years old

'Three Amigos' Obama, Trudeau,
Pena Nieto to meet June 29

Congo says to investigate alleged
use of mercenaries by Kabila rival

Amish lose appeal of convictions
in Ohio beard-cutting attacks

Trump faces task of uniting party
around White House bid; Kasich bows out

Father of ex-investment banker
avoids prison for insider trading

NATO approves Israeli
representation to its headquarters

Chicago mayor vows fiscal
fix before muni audience

Obama to meet Canada's Trudeau,
Mexico's Pena Nieto June 29 in Ottawa

Russia arrests groups for planning
attacks in Moscow region: agencies

Intense battle in Syria's Aleppo kills
dozens, air strikes force rebel retreat

Oklahoma woman charged with killing
four at parade pleads not guilty

Lawsuit extends fascination with
Kent State deaths 46 years on

For first time, scientists grow
two-week-old human embryos in lab

Russia warns of retaliation as NATO
plans more deployments in Eastern Europe

Two Tesla production
chiefs to leave: Bloomberg

Poverty, despair, hunger for revenge drive
young Syrians to extremist groups: research

Following Trump's win, Senate
leader reaffirms Garland opposition

Colombia to get U.S. support
to fight crime gangs: Santos

U.S. Navy SEAL killed in Iraq was
part of 'quick reaction force'

Trump faces unity
challenge; Kasich bows out

U.S. to boost airport staffing
to manage long security lines

Argentine TV ad mocks Trump
to promote soccer tournament

Brazil's Olympic marketing campaign
victim of government paralysis

Wreckage of Captain Cook's ship
Endeavour may be in U.S. harbor

Republican Kasich suspends
presidential campaign: NBC, Politico

Evacuation of 80,000 impeded as
wildfire rages in Canadian city

Texas man, fired from trucking firm,
kills co-worker, takes own life

Trump looks to unify Republicans;
Kasich reported dropping out

Al Qaeda in Yemen poses growing
threat to shipping: naval force

Republican Kasich cancels media
appearance, plans statement

Some Republican pundits, politicians
remain defiantly #NeverTrump

Powerball jackpot at $348 million,
approaching top 10 U.S. payouts

Explosions hit two oil wells in
northern Iraq's Kirkuk: sources

Don't blame our sanctions, U.S.
tells nervous Iran investors

SEC charges unregistered brokers
with misusing investor money

Disgruntled Texas man kills
co-worker, then takes own life

El Salvador rules out talks with gangs as
crackdown fuels fears of more bloodshed

Saudi prince makes bold
challenges to kingdom's old ways

Brazil's Rousseff says probe
requested by prosecutor based on lies

Artist ends lawsuit over Shkreli's
one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang album

Protesters burn schools in
South Africa's Limpopo province

How Zuma, the smiling spy,
controls South Africa

Wildfire destroys homes in Fort
McMurray; 80,000 ordered evacuated

Facebook pays $10,000 to
10-year-old Instagram hacker

Finnish finance minister faces
new challenge as party leader

Jewish leaders call for UK's Labour
Party to act on anti-Semitism 'cancer'

Iraq's all-female combat unit
seeks revenge on Islamic State

South Africa's EFF party ejected from
parliament ahead of Zuma address

U.S. auto regulators to make a major
safety announcement: statement

Rise in girls living on Mumbai's streets
raises trafficking concerns: charity

Brazil's prosecutors hit Vale, BHP with
$44 billion civil lawsuit for dam collapse

Victorious Trump sets sights
on Clinton, running mate

Russia says will respond to NATO
deployment in Poland, Baltics

China, Laos increase security
cooperation after attacks on Chinese

Turkey's pro-Kurdish opposition says
lifting immunity will bring more violence

French government condemns rise of
anti-police violence amid new clashes

Car bomb targets Turkish military,
air strikes destroy militant targets

EU proposes easy visas
for Kosovo citizens

Libya's east tests muscle with
oil shipment, troop dispatches

Janus's Bill Gross: 'Helicopter
money' is coming in a year or so

Turkish PM under pressure as
rift with Erdogan deepens

Turkey will keep responding to
rocket fire from Syria: Erdogan

U.S. warns of more risks in
Iraq after Navy SEAL's death

Closing arguments set in trial of Ohio
man charged with killing three women

Malaysia dissolves 1MDB advisory
board headed by PM Najib

EU executive proposes
easing visas for Turks

Acting Irish PM hopes government
can be formed this week

Tanker leaves east Libyan port without
loading, amid stand-off with Tripoli

China to carry out more military
drills in South China Sea

EU proposes scheme to
share out asylum seekers

Isolated Nepal PM not ready to
go after Maoists call for change

French presidential election set
for April 23 and May 7, 2017

U.N. peace talks on Yemen resume
after three-day suspension: delegates

Wildfire rages through Canadian
city, forcing mass evacuation

Obama visits Flint as questions
linger on EPA role in water crisis

Former military intelligence chief
advising Trump joins Drone Aviation

Trump, the outrageous outsider,
now presumptive Republican nominee

Maoists prompt Nepal crisis by
announcing plans for new government

Islamic State seeks news blackout
in Mosul as Iraqi army nears

Turkey on verge of completing
EU visa deal work: minister

North Korea hails anti-smoking
progress; leader Kim keeps puffing

U.S. gathers allies on next
steps in Islamic State fight

Russia to add three new military
divisions to counter NATO: agencies

Islamic State must be pushed back in
northern Syria: Turkish foreign minister

Asylum seekers aiming for Australia
try to prevent transfer to tiny Nauru

University of Iowa, police
investigate reported racist attack

Dozens killed in
Aleppo battle

Pakistan army launches inquiry
into political worker's death

How 'Stop Trump' failed to halt
the Republican front-runner  

Girl's gang rape in Indonesia
prompts angry calls for protection

Dhaka arrests five Bangladeshis
deported from Singapore

Air raids hit east of Damascus
after 'calm' expires: Observatory

Indonesia to hold new round of
executions; no word on foreigners

Car bomb blast in southeast Turkey
kills one Turkish soldier, wounds five

Turkey's Erdogan advances weekly PM
meet to Wednesday as tension rises

U.S. energy CEOs ready for new drilling
as oil prices plot upward path

Canadian wildfire forces
evacuation order for entire city

Turkey approves law among
final hurdles for EU visa deal

Exclusive: Target gets tough with
vendors to speed up supply chain

U.N. Yemen envoy says peace talks
to resume in Kuwait on Wednesday

Amid scandal, China military hospital
closes doors to new patients

Top prosecutor asks to investigate
Brazil president: media

China sports ministry hauled on
the carpet over graft measures

California chef brings
cannabis to fine dining

U.S. to end bid to close major
California pot dispensary: lawyers

Trump soars from long-shot to
presumptive Republican nominee

Tough-talking mayor keeps poll lead
a week before Philippine elections

Exiting 2016 race, Republican Cruz
leaves himself a path forward

Australian mining magnate Clive
Palmer won't seek re-election

Brazil prosecutors ask to investigate
President Rousseff: Globo

Ex-officer in San Francisco text scandal
pleads not guilty to unrelated charges

Trump on his way to Republican
nomination after Cruz drops out

Brazil's top prosecutor charges
former president: Estado

California senate approves bill ending
mandatory prostitution sentences

Trump wins big in Indiana, with a
clear path as Cruz quits

China arrests one of most-wanted
telecoms fraud suspects: Xinhua

El Salvador arrests mediator
of controversial gang truce

Wildfire in Alberta's energy
heartland forces thousands to flee

Duterte's election campaign fizzing
among thirsty Filipino voters

Los Angeles 'Grim Sleeper'
serial killer case goes to jury

Quarter of school-age children live
in crisis affected countries: UNICEF

Singapore set to pick military
helicopters as arms spending rises

Trump drubs Cruz in Indiana,
looks like Republican favorite

Wildfire in Canada's Fort Mac
energy heartland forces evacuation

Trump wins Indiana, looks
close to unstoppable

Detroit teachers expected back in
class after pay assurances: union

Brazil prosecutor asks Supreme
Court to investigate Lula

White House may create monument
to gay rights: Washington Post

'Bongbong', the son, leads Marcos
revival in the Philippines

Puerto Rico could face financial
chaos without Congress plan: Lew

Girl kidnapped on New Mexico
Navajo Reservation found dead

Requests for data rise sharply under
secretive U.S. surveillance orders

Australia PM Turnbull confirms
will call election for July 2

Trump, Clinton take lead in
Indiana in early voting totals

Rebels launch assault in Syria's
Aleppo, diplomats try to revive truce

Seven big banks settle U.S.
rate-rigging lawsuit for $324 million

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