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Two-Bit Napoleon
Things get worse by the day in our country.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Pentagon is seeking congressional approval for development of a new weapon able to strike distant targets an hour after they are detected, a newspaper reported on Monday.

The International Herald Tribune said the weapon would be a non-nuclear version of the submarine launched Trident 2 missile and be part of a president’s arsenal when considering a pre-emptive attack.

The president’s arsenal? But… but… that old, outdated, quaint Constitution, which we were foolishly taught to revere as the highest law of the land, makes the now laughable claim that only Congress has the power to declare war — and that the President of the United States is not a King.

Evidently our republic is finished. Oh well.

—Ralph    |   |

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Cached Aug 21, 2014, 3:42 pm (all times Eastern US)
Reuters News
Marching and praying, U.S. clerics
seek to restore calm in Ferguson

New York City bill requires
reports on solitary confinement

Arkansas college student impaled
by flying golf club at fraternity

National Guard to withdraw from
riot-torn Ferguson, Missouri

Kuwait releases detained cleric
suspected of financing militants

Turkish foreign minister
set to be Erdogan's new PM

Giant Palestine flag draped on New
York bridge under investigation

Ukraine's Poroshenko talks tough
ahead of meetings with Merkel, Putin

Rousseff, rivals change tack
in Brazil's reshaped election

U.N. rights chief rebukes Security
Council for failures to act

Virginia man named Stoner busted
on marijuana charge: police

British Muslims blame jihadi
subculture after beheading video

Boeing says completed key
design review for space taxi

U.S. aid workers released from Atlanta
hospital after cleared of Ebola

Hundreds pay it forward at Florida
Starbucks in generosity rally

Iran says wants progress in nuclear
talks before action on Islamic State

Turkey's Erdogan names foreign
minister Davutoglu as next PM

Colorado voters to weigh
in on GMO food labeling

'Terrorists' help U.S. in battle
against Islamic State in Iraq

Turkey's Davutoglu to be next prime
minister, AK party leader: Erdogan

Weather system east of Caribbean
could turn into tropical storm

U.S. Representative Ryan sees no
government shutdown this year: paper

Indonesia court upholds
Widodo's presidential victory

Public safe as two Americans treated for
Ebola released from hospital: doctor

Pakistani protest leader says
talks with government suspended

Exclusive: Militants, weapons transit
Gaza tunnels despite Egyptian crackdown

Tunisia, Egypt halt Libya
flights over security fears

Scottish nationalists seek to broaden
independence debate beyond currency

U.S. judge calls Argentina debt
row hearing amid contempt calls

Seven slashed in knife attack in
China's Guangzhou: state media

'Ambiguous warfare' providing
NATO with new challenge

U.S. housing, jobs data
bolster economic outlook

As Ukraine forces gain in east,
focus of German diplomacy shifts

South African lawmakers chant
'pay back the money' at Zuma

Ford tells U.S. dealers to stop
selling some C-Max, Focus models

One dead, one injured in
New York boat explosion

Ukraine border guards begin
checks on Russian aid trucks

U.S. existing home sales rise
at fastest pace in 10 months

U.S. judge schedules hearing
Thursday in Argentina debt dispute

Holdout creditor calls on U.S.
court to hold Argentina in contempt

U.S. lawyer tells Bali suitcase murder
suspects to keep quiet until he arrives

U.S. jobless claims fall,
bolster labor market outlook

After Russia targets McDonald's,
businesses wonder who's next

Syria sees Islamist threat bringing
detente with West, but not soon

Family Dollar rejects Dollar
General offer on antitrust worries

Mramor set to return as Slovenian finance
minister, new coalition taking shape

Storm east of Lesser Antilles has 50
percent chance of becoming cyclone: NHC

Russian aid convoy starts
moving into Ukraine

Hong Kong democracy stalemate sets stage
for possible financial district shutdown

Former Slovenian finance
minister Mramor set to return

U.S. hospital to discharge doctor
treated with experimental Ebola drug

Indonesia police fire teargas
ahead of court verdict on election

Violence, threats, prompt more Muslim
women in Britain to wear a veil

Pakistani government, protest
leaders discuss way out of impasse

Weapons haul found in Florida man's car
after racially charged gas station shooting

PM Cameron resumes holiday after
crisis meetings on beheading video

Israeli air strike kills three
Hamas commanders in Gaza

Protesters attack police as two
Indian states fight over territory

Calm largely holds in Missouri after
grand jury opens shooting investigation

Russia extends scrutiny
of McDonald's restaurants

Philippine Muslim rebels take
crucial step on path to pact

G20 edging towards deal on
'bail-in' bond cushion for banks

Slovenia PM-designate to
form three-party coalition

Russia conducts checks at McDonald's
restaurants in Urals region

Hamas says Israel killed
three top Gaza commanders

Regional water authority envisaged
in latest Detroit bankruptcy plan

Policeman suspended for pointing
rifle at protester in Missouri

Australia's highest court to
hear test case on asylum seekers

Malaysian militants bought bomb
material for planned attack: official

California students charged
after plotting school shooting

Exclusive: U.S. regulators step up
warnings to banks for poor risk-spotting

China tries five cult members
for McDonald's murder

Saudi Arabia sentences 18 to
jail for militant offences

Thai junta leader appointed
PM by hand-picked parliament

Petrobras worker dies from
burns in refinery explosion

Attorney general visits Missouri
town for meetings on fatal shooting

Indonesia's highest court to
decide on election challenge

California bill would let birth
certificates reflect same-sex parents

University of New Mexico cancels
women's soccer match after hazing

U.S. forces tried but failed to
rescue U.S. hostages in Syria

In case of slain journalist, negotiations,
silence, then a chilling warning

China says Australian tycoon's
attack 'irrational and absurd'

U.S. military failed in rescue
attempt for journalist Foley

Alaska voters narrowly backing
tax cut for oil industry

U.S. military tried, but failed to
rescue journalist Foley, other hostages

Brazil's Silva launches bid,
threatens Rousseff re-election

Oklahoma Catholic bishop
sues over planned black mass

Louisiana grocery workers plead
guilty in $7 million food aid fraud

Woman with no fingerprints faces
theft, forgery charges in Colorado

Phoenix police chief orders probe
of fatal shooting by sergeant

Virginia ex-governor takes
stand to deny granting favors

U.S. military says recent hostage
rescue attempt in Syria failed

Texas Governor Perry enters 'not guilty'
plea to felony charges: newspaper

U.S. Supreme Court puts hold
on gay marriage in Virginia

Fate of captured beluga whales
in hands of Georgia judge

Hewlett-Packard posts surprise
revenue gain after PC sales jump

Alabama federal judge charged with
wife-beating to seek treatment

Top Guatemalan general killed
in air crash near Mexico border

Exclusive: Funds could face market
curbs after lobbying backfires

U.S. Ex-Im Bank backers pin hopes
on temporary reauthorization

Boston bomb suspect's friend to
plead guilty to obstruction: lawyer

NYC mayor turns to clergy to
heal rift over police choke hold

SeaWorld drops appeal in safety
ruling over dead orca trainer

Police interest in wearable cameras
spikes after Ferguson shooting

Woman sentenced in plot to
steal U.S. nuclear secrets

Heavy fighting erupts in
Libya's Benghazi, killing five

Ohio clinic to halt surgical
abortions due to 2013 state law

Mexico's ruling party proposes
cutting seats from Congress

Lawyer says friend of Boston bomb
suspect to plead guilty: newspaper

Oregon authorities look for motive
after gunman kills father, tourist

California law aims to protect
rights of sperm donors, surrogates

Court grants gag order in
Pittsburgh police shooting case

New way to lose money at
Atlantic City's hard-luck casino

Hundreds rally in Ireland after
rape victim says denied abortion

Miami teens who sneaked into NBA star
Ray Allen's home charged with trespass

Florida police officer fired
nine times in accidental killing

New Hampshire town sued
for harassing panhandlers

Former POW Bergdahl seeks to return
to civilian life, lawyer says

FBI warns healthcare firms
they are targeted by hackers

Fed debates merits of earlier
rate hike given U.S. jobs gains

Maryland trooper suspended after
accused of being naked in bar

Exclusive: Brazil's Silva would get
opposition's support in election runoff

BofA in $16.5 billion deal with
U.S. over mortgage bonds: source

Opposition leader Khan opens talks
with Pakistan government over protests

Lightning hits New Mexico school
football practice, six hurt

Virginia prosecutor questions
accountant in ex-governor's trial

Obama condemns killing of reporter,
U.S. hits militants in Iraq

Republicans see Senate chances
bolstered by primary results

Convicted Arizona killer Jodi Arias
wins delay in penalty phase retrial

U.S. job market gains not yet enough
to push forward rate hike: Fed

Wisconsin priest punished for
celebrating Mass with woman dies

Dozens die in Ukraine in street
battles, Donetsk shelling

McCain calls for dramatic increase in
U.S. airstrikes against Islamic State

California Governor decries
Calpers vote on pensions

Pennsylvania psychologist
charged with sexual assault

Iran moving to meet terms of
extended nuclear deal: IAEA

Fed notes labor market progress,
but not convinced yet: minutes

Obama says beheading 'shocked
the conscience' of the world

Iranian parliament sacks
minister, in setback for Rouhani

Our life with the Neanderthals
was no brief affair

IAEA report to show Iran meeting
nuclear deal terms: diplomats

U.S. military continues to strike
Islamic State in Iraq -U.S. officials

Judge reviews congressional maps
in Florida gerrymandering case

Libya restarts oil exports from biggest
port as fighting rages in Benghazi

Juppe joins race for French
presidency in challenge to Sarkozy

With union deal, curtain falls
on Met Opera's labor dispute

Argentina bonds, peso reel
on country's debt swap plan

Target cuts forecast as it woos
back customers with more discounts

U.S. imposes sanctions on
alleged Honduran drug gang

Austria detains nine suspected of
wanting to join militants in Syria

Father of Texas 'affluenza' teen arrested
for impersonating police officer

Argentina says proposed debt
swap aims to protect investors

Target cuts full-year
profit forecast

Chinese police arrest three for
deadly auto parts factory blast

Erdogan allies likely to
dominate Turkey's new cabinet

Three more Tibetans die from shooting
by Chinese police: rights group

Indian hunger striker freed after
14 years as suicide charges dropped

Four beheaded corpses found in
Egypt's Sinai: security sources

Landslides hit Japan's
Hiroshima, killing at least 36

Afghanistan gives NYT reporter
24 hours to leave country

Islamic State video claims to
show beheading of U.S. journalist

Street battles in eastern
Ukraine town kill nine: ministry

Turkish soldier killed in
clashes with Kurdish militants

Sullivan claims victory in Alaska's
U.S. Republican Senate primary

Iceland evacuates area
north of rumbling volcano

Ukraine maternity ward nurtures
new life as the shells fall

China fines Japanese auto parts makers
record $201 million for price-fixing

Pakistan cleric's supporters attempt
to blockade parliament, but MPs escape

China seeks passengers' ID for buying
bus tickets in restive Xinjiang

U.S. suspects in Bali suitcase
murder on suicide watch - police

Gaza war rages on, Hamas says Israel
tried to kill its military chief

Ukraine rebel movement
faces uncertain future

U.S. official says unified with
Japan on need for Russian sanctions

Tire makers race to turn
dandelions into rubber

China rejects Manila protest on
ships, complains of detentions

Kurdish ministers rejoin Iraqi
government: foreign minister

Police move against protesters as
calm dissolves in Ferguson, Missouri

Pakistani parliament to meet as
protesters clog streets outside

Afghan government bans NYT
reporter from leaving country

U.S. hospital breach biggest yet
to exploit Heartbleed bug: expert

Chinese rail official gets death
sentence in corruption case

North Korea on major sports
drive, says Pyongyang official

Ex-India PM immune from some claims
of Sikh genocide: U.S. judge

Swedish opposition widens lead in
opinion poll ahead of Sept elections

Boehner's troubles with House
conservatives may only get worse

Many who have left U.S. labor force
say they would like to return

Missouri suburb braces for more
racial unrest but calm prevails

NHTSA unveils new
recall search tool

Lawyers for Colorado theater gunman:
police lied about media leaks

Chinese paper calls for retaliation
over Australia tycoon attack

Argentina aims to skirt U.S. court,
bring debt under national law

Masked gunmen slay family collecting
body at Honduras morgue, kill nine

Life sentence upheld for U.S.
Marine who killed prostitute

Eight dead as landslides hit
Japan's Hiroshima, 13 missing

China presses South Sudan
over renewed violence

Two suspected bank robbers lead
police on wild chase in Connecticut

Judge blocks Louisiana governor's
move to scrap Common Core tests

Japan export rebound offers
hope for economic growth

Kroger in cross hairs as U.S.
gun fight spills into its aisles

Gaza war resumes with
deadly strikes, rocket fire

Los Angeles schools to ease
discipline policies to stem dropouts

California business tax breaks
would have to prove effectiveness

Lawmakers threaten Ex-Im Bank
subpoena in oversight rebuff

In riot-hit Ferguson, traffic
fines boost tension and budget

Florida pair sentenced in
multimillion-dollar coin laundry bank fraud

Japan's polarizing PM
Abe learns the long game

Exclusive: Amid investor pressure,
PetSmart says to explore sale

Scientists warn Florida governor
of threat from climate change

Islamic State says beheads
U.S. journalist, holds another

Indicted Texas Governor Perry
has fingerprints, mug shot taken

FBI probing reported theft of
1.2 billion Internet credentials

Two dead in helicopter
crash in Alabama

Man charged with murder in killing
of U.S. Marine's pregnant wife

Accused bitcoin exchanger loses
bid to narrow criminal charges

Appalled if video of journalist
murder by Islamic State genuine: U.S.

California lawmakers pass bill
banning inmate sterilizations

Beloved New York bar wins
reprieve from wrecking ball

Calpers set to allow 100 extra
pay types count toward pensions

New Hampshire Republican staffer
in chicken suit runs afoul of law

Funeral planned for Missouri teen
shot by police as clashes persist

Pakistani protesters reach
parliament as police look on

Sister of ex-Virginia governor
testifies in his defense

Virginia woman pleads guilty of
trying to cut off children's tattoos

Man pleads guilty over 'Hot Lips'
account used to evade U.S. taxes

Gaza truce collapses, fighting erupts,
Israel orders negotiators home

U.S. government's nuclear watchdog
victim of cyber attacks: report

California students who plotted school
attack could have obtained gun: police

Turkish president Gul tips FM
Davutoglu to be next prime minister

Texas animal centers 'empty
shelters' with massive pet adoption

Former Obama campaign manager to
run Uber's political strategy

Man exonerated of murder settles suit
against New York for $10 million

Pennsylvania teens to stand trial
in freeway rock-throwing incident

Marketing push, harsh northern
winter spur record Florida tourism

Family of Michigan woman sues
homeowner in porch shooting case

Rail firm poorly audited
before Canada disaster: report

N.Y. state demands thrift stores comply
with ban on child drawstring apparel

Former top Obama aide to lead
Uber's global political campaign

Oklahoma police officer charged
with murdering daughter's boyfriend

BHP announces spin-off plan,
no share buyback for now

Missouri racial violence recalls
apartheid, U.N. rights chief says

Climber proposes to girlfriend before
falling to death at Yosemite: report

Migrant rape victim denied
abortion in Ireland: paper

Ex-Virginia teacher indicted
in attack on legislator's wife

Federal rejection leaves immigrant
in limbo at Arizona church

Remains from U.S.'s Mount St.
Helens belong to Japanese hiker

Nigeria former anti-graft tsar
defects to scandal-hit, ruling PDP

Advancing Ukraine troops take fight
to heart of pro-Moscow rebellion

Missouri racial unrest mounts;
U.S. leaders call for calm

Heinz recalls four batches
of infant food in China

Connecticut man charged
with fatally stabbing niece

Police come under gunfire, arrest
31 in Missouri racial unrest

Florida lawyer among dead
in Bahamas plane crash

NYC prosecutor to go to grand jury
after police choke hold death

Exclusive: Hamas fighters show
defiance in Gaza tunnel tour

Former Iraqi VP urges role for Saddam
loyalists, criticises U.S. action

Pope Francis grieving for relatives
killed in Argentina crash

Russia tests surface-to-air
missiles in military exercises: RIA

Kurd shot dead in clash over
statue with Turkish forces

Florida woman shoots grandson, 7,
after mistaking him for intruder

Israel says Gaza militants
fired rockets, breached truce

U.S. housing market improving,
inflation pressures muted

'No' from one Iraq villager triggered
Islamic State mass killings

Pakistan prepares for showdown
between protesters, police

Islamic State fighters halt Iraqi
offensive to recapture Saddam's home town

U.S. consumer prices
rise modestly in July

Israel, Palestinians seek lasting
deal before day-long ceasefire ends

U.S. housing starts,
permits surge in July

South Korea parties back, families
oppose, ferry disaster probe

Ukraine says fighting halts
recovery of refugees' bodies

India's Modi seeks ideas to
replace Soviet-style planning

Liberia fights Ebola in capital,
West Africa toll tops 1,200

Saudi Arabia executes five men
for drug possession, murder

Republicans tussle in Alaska
primary for U.S. Senate bid

Hundreds of Taliban fighters battle
Afghan forces near Kabul: officials

U.S. clears AstraZeneca
over heart drug trial

Libyan militia fire rockets into
affluent Tripoli residential district

BHP unveils spin-off but
disappoints with no buyback

Heinz to tighten supplier controls
in China after infant food scare

Thai military-dominated
legislature to appoint PM

Iraqi forces battle to drive
jihadists from Saddam's home town

Bomb kills six on way to
school in northwest Pakistan

Rights groups say two dead
following Tibetan protests

West Africa Ebola toll passes 1,200,
quarantine victims to get food: WHO

China punishes Xinjiang official
for openly practicing faith

Sri Lanka president adamant on
barring U.N. war crimes investigators

Australia rebukes mining tycoon
over abusive attack on China

Dozens more Turkish police detained
as wiretapping probe widens

Iraqi forces mount operation
against Islamic State in Tikrit

Fifteen bodies retrieved after
Ukraine convoy attack: military

Pakistan arrests 147 in Punjab towns
as protests in capital continue

Hong Kong Law Society president
resigns amid China democracy debate

Saudi court sentences one to
death, 13 to jail, for attacks

U.S. teen held after mother's body
found in Bali tested for pregnancy

Lead contamination scare hits
Heinz infant food in China

Convicted Oregon bomber sentenced
to 15 years in federal prison

Police fire tear gas, stun grenades
at protesters in Missouri town

Australia says to restore intelligence
and military cooperation with Indonesia

Australia to release some children
from immigration detention

Attacks on aid workers worldwide
hit worst levels on record

Two California youths accused of
plotting high school shooting spree

U.S. bars all American airlines
from flying over Syria

Texas' Perry to fight indictment,
casting shadow on possible 2016 run

Dollar General enters race for
Family Dollar with $8.95 billion bid

Community Health says data stolen
in cyber attack from China

National Guard deploys as curfew
lifted in violence-hit Missouri town

Small plane from Florida
crashes off Bahamas, four dead

With Sterling saga over, Ballmer
gets ovation from Clipper Nation

Islamic State claims responsibility
for detaining Japanese man: Kyodo

Oklahoma suspends top freshman
running back for entire season

U.S. ship finishes neutralizing
Syria's worst chemical arms: Pentagon

Mother, adult son killed by
commuter train in Oregon

California Marine's missing wife
found slain, neighbor arrested

San Diego elected officials
override mayor's minimum wage veto

Backed by U.S. strikes, Iraq Kurds
retake strategic dam: officials

Missouri governor lifts Ferguson
curfew as National Guard called in

Advocates urge U.S. top court not
to block gay marriage in Virginia

Mississippi suspect accused of
shooting man over mixed-race grandkids

Jury selection starts for Texas teacher
charged with killing boy with car

California flight stowaway released
from jail after three days

Lawmakers slam Fed's
crisis lending proposal

Chinese military's ability to wage war
eroded by graft, its generals warn

As Taliban push quickens, Afghan
troops ordered: take no prisoners

Ex-Guatemalan drug kingpin
pleads guilty to U.S. charges

National Guard called to Missouri town
roiled by police shooting of teen

Neighbor arrested in murder of
California Marine's missing wife

Honduras seizes 50 properties
from alleged drug gang

Second pot shop opens in Seattle
amid slow start to legal sales

New Orleans police
superintendent steps down

$150 million convention center
eyed for North Dakota oil patch

Tale of two mayors in south Florida
city likely headed to court

Challengers in Florida gerrymandering
case reject map revisions

Wisconsin ex-policeman pleads not
guilty in suitcase corpse case

Spacewalking cosmonauts launch
satellite, set up studies

Girl plunges 550 feet to her death
at Yellowstone National Park

Colorado woman in court on charges
of abusing seven-year-old daughter

Defense testimony starts in corruption
trial of Virginia ex-governor, wife

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