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Two-Bit Napoleon
Things get worse by the day in our country.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Pentagon is seeking congressional approval for development of a new weapon able to strike distant targets an hour after they are detected, a newspaper reported on Monday.

The International Herald Tribune said the weapon would be a non-nuclear version of the submarine launched Trident 2 missile and be part of a president’s arsenal when considering a pre-emptive attack.

The president’s arsenal? But… but… that old, outdated, quaint Constitution, which we were foolishly taught to revere as the highest law of the land, makes the now laughable claim that only Congress has the power to declare war — and that the President of the United States is not a King.

Evidently our republic is finished. Oh well.

—Ralph    |   |

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Cached Jun 27, 2016, 10:42 am (all times Eastern US)
Reuters News
Supreme Court strikes down
restrictive Texas abortion law

Brexit vote sends new shocks through
financial markets, political chaos deepens

California police probe violent
clash at white supremacist rally

Hillary Clinton: Supreme Court
abortion ruling 'a victory for women'

Finnish euroskeptics start
talk of possible 'Fixit' vote

Supreme Court refuses to review
prenatal test patent dispute

Supreme Court won't consider labor
board power over Indian casinos

Supreme Court lets debt collection
class-action suit proceed

Supreme Court to hear
genetic-testing kit patent fight

Spain's Rajoy seeks swift
government deal, doubts linger

Pakistan says it has arrested
three Islamic State members

Supreme Court set to
decide major abortion case

Black box memory chips from crashed
EgyptAir jet flown to France for repair

Kremlin says Turkey apologized
to Putin over plane incident

Kerry calls for calm as
leaders implement Brexit vote

Brexit vote hits pound and
markets, political crisis deepens

Treasury's Lew urges Senate
to act on Puerto Rico debt

Foreign tourist visits to Tunisia
fall by 21.5 percent in first half

Iraqi army closes in on Islamic State
militants holed up west of Falluja

Spain's Socialists, Ciudadanos
say won't support acting PM Rajoy

Treasury Secretary Lew asks Senate for
immediate action on Puerto Rico debt crisis

Israel, Turkey restore ties in
deal spurred by energy prospects

Bank shares slide as Brexit
turmoil hits world stocks

Top Chinese envoy visits Vietnam
as South China Sea tension rises

Kerry, NATO chief press importance
of alliance after Brexit vote

Bat wings inspire
new breed of drone

UK must decide who represents it
in EU exit talks, France says

Armenia expects wider recognition of
'genocide' after German vote, pope's remarks

Authorities block vote for new opposition
challenger to Turkey's Erdogan

German defense minister hopes to visit
troops at Turkey base: spokesman

Norwegian court rejects Edward
Snowden lawsuit on free passage

Rare U.N. Eritrea aid shipment
shows Asmara slowly opening up

Possible Scottish referendum
up to Britain, Germany says

Turkey's journey to EU membership
long and complicated: Germany

Britain can cope with EU exit
turmoil, finance chief says

Clinton to test populist economic
message with Warren in Ohio

Hungary committed to hold
planned migrant quota referendum

Spain's Rajoy hopes to form
new government within a month

Leave leaders back Carney, Osborne
as UK grapples with Brexit fallout

Netanyahu sees economic boost
from Israel-Turkey deal

Sterling, stocks take another
Brexit hit; oil, yen rise

Turkish deputy PM sees acceleration in
steps to smooth relations with Russia

Spain's Rajoy should quickly form
government, socialist official says

U.S. banks' stress tests may
offer comfort in Brexit tumult

Malaysia's Najib makes new
ministers to strengthen coalition

Suicide bombers strike
Lebanese village, kill five

Thai PM says won't resign whatever
August referendum outcome

Oil prices stabilize after Brexit
vote, but refined products glut looms

Adios, Three Amigos: Obama heads
to last summit with Canada, Mexico

Britain's Osborne says further
volatility ahead but economy is strong

Sterling, Asian stocks
languish in Brexit hangover

UNICEF says 25 children
reported killed in Syria

Two killed in Madagascar
concert blast

Mongolia heads to polls with
slowing economy on voters' minds

China accuses former vice environment
minister of taking bribes

China wants more cooperation
with West in corruption fight

Erdogan speaks with Abbas on
Turkish-Israeli deal over Gaza: sources

Firefighters make some headway
in deadly California blaze

Japan PM campaigns on 'stability'
ticket as Brexit rocks markets

For single women in India's Maharashtra, owning
land can be the difference between life and death

Clash at California capitol
leaves at least 10 injured

British EU vote unnerves
world leaders and markets

CIA weapons for Syrian rebels
sold to arms black market: NYT

Singapore Airlines flight returns to
Changi, catches fire, no casualties

U.S. national security adviser
sees few immediate Brexit concerns

Wall Street futures
lower on Brexit concerns

Five killed in Colorado Amtrak
train-car crash: state police

Spanish vote delivers more
uncertainty for Europe after Brexit

Oil extends decline as
Brexit concerns linger

UK will retain access to the EU
single market: Brexit leader Johnson

Israel and Turkey agree to
normalize ties: officials

Scots against second independence
referendum despite Brexit vote: poll

UK's opposition Labour leader defiant
after 12 of his team withdraw support

Leading Brexit campaigner Johnson says UK
will retain access to the EU single market

Islamic State claims deadly Jordan
border attack on Tuesday: statement

Australian independent Xenophon
could play kingmaker in election

UK opposition leader Corbyn says
will not resign after Brexit vote

Support for Spain's conservative
party surges days after Brexit

Post-Brexit global equity loss of
over $2 trillion worst ever: S&P

Pope says Church should ask forgiveness
from gays for past treatment

Pride parades tinged with
sadness after Orlando massacre

Multiple stabbing victims during
rally in Sacramento, California

Roller coaster carriage derails
injuring 10 at Scottish theme park

To Brexit or Regrexit? A dis-United
Kingdom ponders turmoil of EU divorce

Saudi-led air strikes in Yemen
kill at least seven: residents

Spain's leftist parties could
clinch majority: exit polls

Italy rescues over 3,300
migrants over weekend

Firefighters start to get deadly
California blaze under control

Spain's conservatives win most
seats in election, far left rises

Clinton campaign hits Trump for
seeing Brexit as boon to his business

Turnout low as Spain votes
to break political deadlock

Pride parade steps off in New
York under Orlando's shadow

Ohio State men's soccer
player drowns while swimming

Intel considers sale of
cyber security business: FT

Italy arrests second
most wanted mafia boss

Seven people killed in Saudi-led
air strikes in Yemen: residents

Fallout from British EU vote alarms
Asia, deepens party conflicts

Gunmen release expatriate contractors
kidnapped in Niger Delta: police

Rosatom's global nuclear ambition
cramped by Kremlin politics

Turkish police fire tear gas in Istanbul
to disperse Gay Pride activists

Panama opens canal extension, only a
dozen heads of state attend

Pakistan army chief flies to
Karachi after high-profile attacks

Switzerland set to ask EU for
limited migration curbs: president

Bahraini activist to be
tried for tweets: lawyer

Iraqi commander declares defeat
of Islamic State in Falluja

Despite Brexit, Kerry says, EU and
U.S. must work closely together

African migrants force their way
into Spain's Melilla enclave

Austrian far-right figure warns
of 'Auxit' vote within a year

Many U.S. firms playing catchup
after surprise EU exit vote

Nigerian army says it freed over
5,000 people held by Boko Haram

Vatican hits back at Turkey
for calling pope 'crusader'

Orlando massacre casts shadow
over U.S. gay pride events

Seeking clean slate, Icelanders
elect historian as new president

China bus
fire kills 35

Iran supreme leader: Bahrain's move
against top cleric risks violence

Spain votes to break political
deadlock, far left set to rise

Iraqi forces retake Islamic
State holdout in Falluja

Assailant gets life for Jerusalem
Gay Pride stabbing spree

Islamic State militants launch new
attacks in eastern Afghanistan

Kenya aims to cut size of Somali
refugee camp by about half by end-2016

Kerry to visit Brussels,
London in wake of Brexit vote

Australian PM urges stability vote
in national poll after Brexit shock

Icelanders seek clean slate as
historian set to win presidential vote

Cambodia opposition leader, speaking
at refuge, says PM is scared

After deadly China tornado, rescuers
clean up hazardous chemicals

Deadly California wildfire destroys
150 homes, more threatened

Malaysian PM Najib to unveil new
cabinet on Monday: media report

'No need to write, David,'
impatient EU tells Cameron

UK's Johnson wins backing from
Gove for prime ministerial bid

Far left set to become a political
force in Spain's election

More than 2.5 million and rising sign
UK petition for new EU referendum

West Virginia's worst flooding
in a century kills 24

New York Times fashion photographer
Bill Cunningham dies at 87

Colombia to offer tax breaks for
development under peace deal

Central banks ready to
cooperate after Brexit result

Investor George Soros calls for
reconstruction of EU after 'Brexit' vote

SolarCity recuses two more board
members from voting on Tesla offer

South Sudan forces, armed groups
clash, displacing civilians: U.N

Boston mobster 'Whitey' Bulger's
possessions fetch $100,000 at auction

Belgium arrests two over
'terrorist' activity

TransCanada formally seeks NAFTA
damages in Keystone XL rejection

Death toll in Islamist attack
in Somalia rises to 15: police

Nine drown when boat
capsizes in Kenya

Trump plays down post-Brexit
market turmoil on Aberdeen visit

Pope urges Armenia and Turkey
to reconcile, shun vengeance

U.S. Coast Guard suspends search
for Florida family lost at sea

Brazil's Temer says women should
retire earlier than men: paper

Maine's first lady takes summertime
waitress job to pick up cash

West Virginia death toll at 23 in
deadliest U.S. flooding this year

Scotland seeks to remain in EU,
ready for new independence vote

Brexit crisis tops off rough
stretch in Obama's push for legacy

Somali Islamist militants
attack hotel in Mogadishu

Merkel sees no need to rush
Britain into quick EU divorce

Eight Indian police officials dead,
20 injured in Kashmir militant attack

Syrian or Russian air strikes kill dozens
in eastern Syria: monitoring group

Merkel calls for sober EU divorce
talks with 'partner' Britain

Irish unity vote for later,
not now: foreign minister

Starved of resources, UK's most
deprived town pins hopes on Brexit

Two dead in shooting at
Texas dance studio: police

Large blast, gunfire in center
of Somali capital: witness

Germany, France press
Britain for quick EU divorce

Founding EU members tell Britain:
let's get this divorce done

Russian court orders arrest of governor
suspected of taking bribe: TASS

Scotland starts drive to stay in EU,
independence option open: Sturgeon

After Islamist attacks,
Tunisia's tourism struggles

Debris in Tanzania to be examined
for link to missing MH370: report

France wants quick British
divorce from EU, Germany cautious

Scotland's Sturgeon presses ahead with
preparations for independence vote

Slovakian far right party launches
petition for referendum on EU membership

Turkey detains 28 people over alleged
financial links to cleric Gulen: Dogan agency

Two dead, homes burned by
massive California wildfire

Green kingmakers see Scottish independence
vote determined by public appetite

Palestinian leader retracts
rabbis water poisoning allegation

Wall Street eyes low rates,
earnings after Brexit rout

Britain pressured for quick EU
split as Brexit impact begins

Pope says 'never again' to
tragedies like Armenian genocide

Thousands rally in Australia
for same-sex marriage

Puerto Rico Governor suspends
payments on infrastructure debt

China says has stopped
communication mechanism with Taiwan

Three killed, two injured
in Maryland shooting

Judge tosses suit against theater
chain over Colorado cinema massacre

State's worst floods in a
century kill 23 in West Virginia

Split Supreme Court blocks
Obama immigration plan

Kansas legislature passes finance
plan, schools to stay open

Arizona says it has run out
of drugs for executions

China media snidely criticize
Brexit vote, but upbeat on UK ties

Three Mexican federal police
gunned down in market

Republican ex-Treasury chief Paulson
slams Trump, to vote for Clinton

Exclusive: Google, Facebook quietly move
toward automatic blocking of extremist videos

Britain votes to leave EU,
Cameron quits, markets rocked

U.S. committed to bringing
American hostages home -Obama

Twenty dead in West Virginia in
state's worst floods in a century

Brazil prosecutor recommends barring
Planning Minister from office

U.S. states, Rockefellers clash with
U.S. House panel on Exxon climate probes

New York LGBT bar becomes first
U.S. monument to gay rights

Clinton regains double-digit lead
over Trump: Reuters/Ipsos poll

Could Brexit vote be a preview
of U.S. presidential race?

Pentagon expected to repeal ban
on transgender members next month

Worst day in 10 months as Wall
Street reacts to 'Brexit'

Hawaii becomes first U.S. state to
place gun owners on FBI database

German officials warn against
EU "revenge" for UK Brexit vote

Woman who accused Cosby of sex
assault withdraws defamation case

Venezuela dialogue could open way for
international help - U.S. diplomat

Wall St. tumbles after
Britons vote to leave EU

Obama tries to limit fallout
from British EU exit vote

After Brexit, what? U.S.
secessionists hankering for 'Texit'

Central California wildfire more than
doubles in size after destroying homes

UK 'Leave' vote deflates
hopes for U.S.-EU trade deal

Chicago loses 'Star Wars'
museum to California

For Donald Trump, going on about
golf is par for the course

Wall St. slumps as Brexit
takes investors by surprise

Obama says U.S. special relationship
with Britain will endure

"Brexit" threatens to undermine
U.S.-Britain special relationship

Pope on visit to Armenia cites
"genocide", likely to anger Turkey

Bipartisan U.S. House members vow
to keep gun control fight alive

Cleveland, ACLU agree on protest
limits at Republican convention

Seeking new routes, Central American
migrants at risk of trafficking

Obama creates first U.S. monument
to gay rights at New York site

Obama says UK relationship
endures despite Brexit

Sanders will vote for
Clinton to stop Trump

Ryan, House Republicans offer
plan to slice U.S. tax rates

What next for EU after Brexit
bombshell? The usual..

Libyan forces clash with militants
in Sirte, 14 dead: official

Dozens burned in Texas walking on
hot coals at Tony Robbins seminar

As Cameron loses biggest gamble,
Johnson looks biggest winner

Germany worries France, others could
follow UK in leaving EU: paper

Brexit vote means
Fed stays put

U.S. Navy captain involved in
seizure by Iran relieved of command

Hezbollah vows to keep
fighting in Syria's Aleppo

Firefighters injured, dozens of homes
destroyed in California wildfire

Obama says in wake of Brexit
that UK relationship endures

UK 'Leave' a final nail in the coffin
for stalled U.S.-EU trade deal

Flint children's blood lead levels
rose in water crisis: U.S. officials

Thailand jails seven activists
over referendum campaign

Brazil's Bible, beef and bullets
lobby backs Temer, unfazed by scandal

Britain's financial sector
reels after Brexit bombshell

BBC News
NY Times News